Jack Grealish fires back at ‘clown’ John Gregory for ‘false’ story on podcast

Jack Grealish has branded John Gregory a ‘clown’ after the former Aston Villa boss claimed to have got Manchester City star substituted during a game.

Back in 2013/14, Grealish was out on loan at Notts County in League One, where one of their rivals was Crawley, then managed by Gregory. Grealish, a boyhood Villa fan, would have cheered Gregory’s team on from the stands.

However, in December 2013 they were rivals, with Gregory trying to get under the skin of a young Grealish’ with some cruel taunts from the dugout. "I actually got Jack Grealish taken off once," he told the Undr the Cosh podcast.

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"He was on loan at Notts County from Villa so this would be about 2014. He must have been about 18/19 at the time.

"I'm in the dugout and whenever he came near me, I said', f****** Jack Grealish. Aston Villa. F****** rubbish. No wonder they've f****** sent you out to Notts County. I'm right in his ear, 'no wonder they don't f****** want you up there'. Getting into him.

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"They take him off and he went home and told his dad and his dad spoke to one of my friends. He said, 'hey, what about your mate Gregory having a pop at my Jack'. So my mate said, 'took him off though, didn't they?'

Almost 10 years on from the match in question, Grealish has hit back at Gregory’s claim in a reply on the podcast’s Instagram page. Grealish was indeed substituted in the match midway through the second half, but he insists Gregory’s version of events “never happened”.

He posted: "John Gregory – Episode 1 of things that never happened… What a clown" followed by an embarrassed face emoji.

Gregory managed Crawley for just over a year before stepping down due to health problems. It proved to be his last job in English club management, although he later had a two-year spell in India with Chennaiyin FC.

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