Topless Newcastle fans slide on pavements in Milan as rivals brand them ‘cringe’

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    Topless Newcastle fans have been branded 'cringe' after being caught on camera sliding across pavements on their bellies.

    Around 7,000 Magpies supporters are in Milan for the club’s first Champions League game in 20 years against AC Milan. As you would expect after such a long wait, they have been making the most of the occasion in one of the world’s most iconic footballing cities, with one fan even jumping into the canal and chasing a boat.

    Some, presumably after a few alcoholic beverages, warmed up for the game by taking their tops off and sliding across a wet pavement on their fronts. However, rival fans reckon the scenes were embarrassing.

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    “Does anyone not find this cringe? Embarrassing these are grown men,” said one. Another added: “Genuinely what is the point, not remotely funny at all.”

    A third added: “This is the reason why aliens can't be a**** talking to us.” Another derided: "wonder the rest of Europe hate us.” A Liverpool fan, who will have to make do with Europa League football this season, said: “Can’t believe we let this happen.”

    However, other fans did see the funny side, with one saying: “Anyone criticising those guys needs to get a life. It’s called having a laugh.”

    On a serious note, the game has been overshadowed after a 58-year-old Newcastle fan was stabbed in the Italian city. Local police confirmed that a 58-year-old Magpies supporter had suffered three wounds in an incident at around midnight on Monday after being set upon by a group of up to eight men wearing hoodies in the popular Navigli area of the city.

    Newcastle were liaising with the authorities in the wake of the incident and wished the fan involved a speedy recovery. A club spokesperson said: “We are deeply concerned by reports that a supporter was seriously assaulted in Milan on Monday evening and we are liaising with local authorities to understand the circumstances. Our thoughts are with the supporter and their family and we hope for a full and speedy recovery.”

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