REVEALED: Ryan Reynolds' brilliant gesture to wife of Wrexham star

REVEALED: Ryan Reynolds’ brilliant gesture for wife of Wrexham star after she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour

  • Ryan Reynolds wanted to make a difference for one particular Wrexham player
  • Wrexham defender Anthony Forde missed a portion of last season after his wife was diagnosed with a brain tumour – and Reynolds wanted to make a difference
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Wrexham star Anthony Forde has hailed Ryan Reynolds for his incredible gesture for his wife Laura.  

Irish full-back Forde saw his life turned upside down when Laura was diagnosed with a brain tumour midway through last season. 

Forde, who joined Wrexham in 2022, took time out of the team and news quickly filtered back from manager Phil Parkinson to Reynolds and co-chairman Rob McElhenney.

Reynolds did not want to sit idly by and see Forde and his wife struggle to make sense of the shocking news – so he organised for them to swiftly get a second opinion.

Speaking in Episode 14 of the latest season of Welcome to Wrexham, Forde revealed: ‘It just didn’t feel like it was real. The gaffer told the owners about the news and they reached out. Ryan helped get a second opinion. It’s something that he doesn’t have to do, he doesn’t have to do that.’

Ryan Reynolds intervened when he heard why one of Wrexham’s players was out of the team

The Hollywood star wanted to help the wife of Anthony Forde after she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. (Pictured: Reynolds hugging Forde’s wife Laura inside the Racecourse Ground)

Forde could not believe Reynolds helped them get a second opinion following her MRI scan

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That second opinion proved crucial for the couple with Laura getting news that was the ‘best case scenario’ in comparison to the results of her first MRI scan.

While neither Forde nor his wife explained in detail her ongoing ‘treatment plan’ or recovery, he felt indebted to the quick-thinking and generosity of Deadpool star Reynolds. 

Forde’s wife Laura noticed a problem when her newborn baby was only three days old that her left arm was causing distress. In her own words, which she has shared on her Instagram page, her co-ordination was ‘off’.

An MRI found a ‘mass’ and she would go on to be diagnosed with a brain tumour, which she was initially told was not curable, inoperable and she was expected to have short life expectancy. 

Following Reynolds’ intervention the couple received a second opinion and Laura underwent a biopsy, which detailed that it was a grade 1 Thalamic pilocytic astrocytoma – a benign brain tumour, much less fatal than the first verdict. 

Due to the location of the tumour it is inoperable but the couple saw this as the ‘best case scenario’.

Speaking in Welcome to Wrexham, Forde’s wife spoke of being told of her inoperable tumour

In September Laura posted again on her Instagram story, explaining that there had been no growth to the tumour and she was ‘relieved’.  

The latest documentary episode focuses on Forde’s return to the side after months out, a pivotal home game against Yeovil Town.

Forde and his wife were seen on the touchline before a recent game greeting Reynolds, who gives both of them a big hug, before he spoke to McElhenney that night as he was in town for the match.

It would go on to be an emotional episode as Forde scored in that match, something executive director Humphrey Ker described as one of the most ‘special’ moments in the season.

Wrexham would go on to win the game 3-0 and take a giant step towards promotion, with Laura well enough to watch her husband’s return from the stands. 

Wrexham have made a strong start to life back into the Football League with Forde and his team-mates sitting third in the table after 16 matches. 

The episode has a positive ending as they got the ‘best case scenario’ from the second opinion and Forde made his return to Wrexham’s team, scoring in their crucial match against Yeovil 

Welcome to Wrexham is streaming now on Hulu and FX in the United States, and on Disney+ in the UK. The final episode of Season Two will air next week 


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