Gary Lineker was puking naked on bathroom floor in ‘seven hours of snus torture’

Gary Lineker hilariously recalled his "seven hours of torture" after trying snus for the first time.

The tobacco product, which is placed behind the upper lip, has grown in popularity in English football over the last decade, despite its sale being illegal in the UK. Long-term use can lead to health concerns including an increased risk of cancer.

Lineker tried it for the first – and last – time on the night before the opening game of Euro 2020, which he was hosting on BBC One. The 62-year-old was staying in a Manchester hotel with co-hosts Micah Richards and Alan Shearer and fellow pundit Rio Ferdinand.

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The topic came up and Lineker initially refused to give it a go, but after a few drinks he caved and was offered a strong or weak version before heading up to his room – picking the latter.

Explaining the nightmare that followed on The Rest is Football podcast, he said: "I got undressed ready for bed and suddenly start to feel really, really dizzy.

"So I sit on the bed and I'm stark naked, and I've whipped this thing straight out my mouth and thrown it in the bin. I start to sweat, but I'm freezing.

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"I'm sweating and I'm sweating and there's a pool on the floor, and I can't move. I'm thinking what the hell have they done to me."

Lineker then began feeling extremely sick. But he couldn't make it to the bathroom the conventional way due to the dizziness.

"Eventually I lay on the floor and I crawl to the toilet like a snake, just sliding, that's the only way I could get there," he continued.

"And just before I got to the toilet, I vomit everywhere, it's on the shower screens, it's all over."

The England legend found himself lying on the freezing cold bathroom floor surrounded by his own sick at midnight – admitting he was cursing his colleagues.

Just when he thought the ordeal was over, he returned to his bed and it started over again. "I'm back on my front, sliding like a snake," he bemoaned.

"I got into my bed and I thought I'll look at the time. It was 7am in the morning. I'd had seven hours of absolute torture. Thank you very much for that Micah."

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