Jake Paul talks up $40m four-way cage fight with Logan and Tate brothers

Jake and Logan Paul have set their sights on a £32million four-way cage fight with controversial influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan. Jake has hinted that a cage fight could be the solution to the ongoing feud involving him, his brother Logan, and the Tate brothers.

The Paul brothers, who have wrestling experience from their school days and have recently ventured into boxing, are no strangers to the ring. Jake has been particularly serious about boxing, boasting eight wins as a professional. His only loss was a split decision defeat to Tommy Fury, the brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, earlier this year.

The Tate brothers have a background in martial arts. Andrew, who last fought in 2016, has a 2-1 professional record in kickboxing and a 1-0 record in MMA. Tristan’s only fight in 2016 ended with him suffering a TKO defeat.

A match involving the Paul and Tate brothers would certainly stir up controversy, especially considering the Tates are facing human trafficking charges, which they deny as they await trial in Romania. However, it could also be a lucrative opportunity for whoever hosts it. Jake has already signed a contract to compete in MMA with the Professional Fighter’s League (PFL) in 2024, and he’s suggested that the promotion could offer around £8m for each participant in a four-way cage fight.

“It’s $10m for Andrew, $10m for Tristan, $10m for you and $10m for me,” he said on Impaulsive, dismissing Tristan’s abilities in combat. “Really, we are talking about Andrew here. Tristan really isn’t in this equation, that’s the light work. We would take that out real fast.”

Logan is also full of confidence that he and his brother would end up on the winning side if a fight were ever to be made under boxing rules. “We talk a lot, we say a lot of stuff but we also do a lot and back up a lot of the s*** we say, or at least do our best efforts,” the WWE star said. “The other guys, they just talk a lot. It’s a lot of talking and they’re fantastic at it, they can be magnetic with words and it draws a lot of people in.

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“If it were boxing, absolutely [we would win]. If it were kickboxing, he would probably best us. It shouldn’t be about the money, it should be solely for entertainment to figure out after all who is really about it. We are telling you, we’ll do it but it’s not going to be real about it.”

Former UFC middleweight champion Kamaru Usman makes the Pauls favorites in a fight against the Tates due to their wrestling backgrounds. He told The PBD Podcast: “If it’s an MMA fight, I think that favors Jake and Logan for sure, they actually wrestled. If I catch a kick and you fall down, it’s a different balance. The civilian human doesn’t realize that it’s an actual skill to be able to get off of your back.”

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