Conor McGregor sent warning over weight drop ahead of UFC 257 – ‘Wouldn’t like to see it’

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Conor McGregor’s nutritionist Tristin Kennedy believes the Irishman could return to fight at featherweight but admits he “wouldn’t like to see it”. McGregor will return to the octagon on January 24 at UFC 257 for a rematch against Dustin Poirier at lightweight.

The 32-year-old began his stint in the UFC fighting at featherweight, chalking up seven wins in a row on his way to dethroning Jose Aldo as the division’s king.

After winning the featherweight title, McGregor moved up to welterweight for a pair of fights against Nate Diaz before beating Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title in 2016.

McGregor has had two UFC bouts since the win over Alvarez, losing to Nurmagomedov at lightweight and beating Donald Cerrone at welterweight in January 2020.

Having returned to lightweight again for the Poirier rematch, Kennedy believes 155lb is the best fit for McGregor right now but he would be able to drop down to 145lb if he wanted to.

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Speaking to ESPN, Kennedy said: “He’s a big guy these days. I wouldn’t like to see it from a personal point of view. Everything is achievable. Look at Jose Aldo at bantamweight. But at what cost?

“Going down so low nowadays — when you see a man who fights at 170 no problem and competes very, very well at 170 and has no issues, why would he go down to 145?

“Especially when he conquered all that. Conor loves challenges. The 155 division, he’ll capitalize on that next, no problem. He’s already capitalized, and then probably the 170 division or whatever.

“That’s the great thing about Conor. He can go in between weight classes.

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“Once you’re consistent with the diet and the training, you can point it wherever you need to go. Right now, it’s 155. Who knows what it’ll be in the future?”

“On top of that, you have this hard work ethic. I can guide the man, but I can’t eat the food for him. It’s up to him to do all that. And that’s what he does in abundance.

“He stays consistent to it. It’s that hard work and that professionalism. And then you’ll see the results. Like on social media, the kind of condition he’s in. You can see with your eye. But a lot of athletes, they look well, but it’s the performance that really matters.

“That’s where I take great pride when I see all these fantastic results we’re seeing in how he’s performing.

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