Conor McGregor eyeing fourth Dustin Poirier fight despite losing last two

Conor McGregor is eyeing a fourth fight with Dustin Poirier while revealing he was already injured when he suffered a horrific leg break in their trilogy fight.

The former UFC double-weight champion initially beat Poirier in 2014 but lost the rematch after being brutally knocked-out by the American in January.

McGregor’s third fight with Poirier ended even more catastrophically as his leg snapped and folded under his weight, seconds before the end of the first round.

And now the Irishman, not one to hold back from trash-talking, has claimed he knew his leg was fragile prior to the fight, before teasing yet another grudge match against his bitter rival.

Responding to a comment on Twitter, McGregor said: "In my last camp I’d a severely damaged left leg.

"Many of my sessions consisted of starting in open guard bottom. And staying there. Full rounds remaining on bottom.

"I was beating people up until they backed away from me. It then translated to the fight. True story.

"His head was sorer, my leg was sorer. I feel good on that. Not to say his leg wasn’t busted either tho.

"I had that thigh well minced. I feel it’s just simply not settled yet. Is the fairest response I can give."

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The 33-year-old was also adamant that he was having a good fight until his gruesome injury.

He posted: "Really nasty elbows and upkicks for sure.

"That or maybe a really annoying blue bottle was around him after the fight, lol.

"Make no mistake they are not looking forward to what is coming. I will be back and it will be settled. Once and for all."

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