5 maddest places MMA fights have taken place – from cars to phone boxes

Inside a car or a phone box there seems no limits to the location ideas which MMA organisers will try to give themselves an edge of rival promoters.

The newest fads of in-car and phone box fights have seen fighters trapped in enclosed spaces reigning down punches on their opponents. The length of bouts has also been shortened by the all-action venues with no room for error as fighters try to knock their opponents out within seconds of the bouts starting.

Here, we take a look at some of the most crazy settings mixed martial arts bouts have taken place in so far…

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Car fights

Russian MMA organisers have recently attracted big audiences with their "car jitsu" bouts before MMA copied the idea.

Opponents quickly unbuckle themselves before trying to gain the upper hand on their opponents in a open top convertible car. One bout took a decisive turn when a fighter managed to wrap a seatbelt around the neck of his opponent. He then proceeded to choke him with the belt for almost 20 seconds as commentators yelled in excitement.

The car fight was founded by Vik Mikheev, who came up with the idea in 2020. Each competitor starts on either side of the front seats of the car and before being given two rounds to impress the judges and overcome their opponent.

Phone box

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The Russian MMA scene also saw the rise of Punch Box which sees competitors battle it out in a traditional London phone box.

The carnage is limited to one-minute rounds as competitors fire as many punches as possible at their opponent with no escape or reprieve. The referee leans in through the phone box window to keep a watchful eye from outside.

Punch Box, which is returning for a third series, has had a variety of contenders including a battle between a pair of dwarfs.


Disused warehouses and underground locations are also becoming popular venues for MMA fights with a raw feel to excite fans.

In Mexico an underground battle saw a tiny ring created with hardly enough room for both competitors and the referee. Baying for blood hundreds of fans crowded around the outside of the makeshift ring getting as close as physically possible to the action.

Car park

A traditional car park bust-up is also being converted into an MMA event in Russia.

A Halloween event was held which saw the ring made of car tyres in the outdoor venue. The makeshift ring did t least have some foam mats to help reduce the impact of any heavy take downs. However, the brutal nature of the small ring took its toll on one fighter who was left on the floor knocked out cold following a brutal punch by his opponent.


The fourth Jon Nutt’s Fight Circus promotion took place in Thailand earlier this month with the promoter himself being involved in a two-on-one fight.

Nutt was convincingly beaten by two fighters nicknamed Bank and No Money. The promoter was quickly overwhelmed by his opponents and beaten by a rear-naked choke. Nutt was strangely given a second attempt at fighting the duo with the duo again beating the promoter.

The ring inside a circus themed venue made for some strange contests including a “Siamese kickboxing” bout that saw two pairs joined together by an oversized shirt fight it out.


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