Serena Williams, three-year-old daughter’s first fashion shoot

Serena Williams and daughter Alexis Olympia looked absolutely adorable together as they enjoyed their first-ever fashion shoot together.

The tennis legend, 38, teamed up with her three-year-old daughter for an inspiring debut shoot together after her semi-final finish at the Australian Open.

Starring in designer Stuart Weitzman’s Footsteps To Follow campaign, the pair sparkled in matching outfits.

A post shared by STUART WEITZMAN (@stuartweitzman)

A post shared by STUART WEITZMAN (@stuartweitzman)

A post shared by STUART WEITZMAN (@stuartweitzman)

As well as posing for a series of sweet snaps in their matching ensembles, the mum and daughter also filmed a short video.

In the clip, Serena has Alexis Olympia repeat the words. “Love. Strong. Dream. Beautiful. Intelligent.”

Serena continued: “I would definitely call Olympia my mini-me. She is mini Serena.

“She’s so cute. And she’s so fun.

“I don’t know if I hope Olympia follows in my footsteps.

“I want her to do what she wants to do and what’s best for her.”

The sweet video concludes with the loved-up family saying: “Together forever.”

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On their Instagram page, Stuart Weitzman revealed the launch of the Footsteps To Follow campaign.

Sharing a picture of Serena and Alexis Olympia, they explained the aim of the launch was to “highlight how every generation can inspire any generation”.

“The next step for SW x SW is here,” it said.

“Introducing the Spring 2021 Campaign, Footsteps to Follow, starring Stuart Weitzman global ambassador Serena Williams and her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr. in their first-ever fashion campaign together.

A post shared by Lewis Mirrett 🇨🇦 (@lewismirrett)

A post shared by Lewis Mirrett 🇨🇦 (@lewismirrett)

“Hope and optimism are central to every SW x SW campaign.

“Showcasing the powerful bond between mother and daughter in Footsteps to Follow highlights how every generation can inspire any generation – be it parents to children or vice versa – to step into each other’s shoes and step into new worlds.”

Serena and her daughter do everything together and the proud mum has previously revealed Alexis Olympia has embraced a love of fashion early.

She told E!: “I can’t force her out of a princess dress. She gets so upset.

“She loves fashion, she loves wearing dresses and that’s what she wants to do.”

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