Spanish FA stands by women's coach after 15 players threaten to quit

Spanish rebellion: FIFTEEN players demand Women’s national boss Jorge Vilda is SACKED as he is ‘damaging their mental health’… but Spanish FA have decided to stick by their under-fire coach and ‘won’t allow’ players to question the management team

  • The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is sticking by women’s coach Jorge Vilda
  • Fifteen players threatened to quit the national team unless Vilda was sacked
  • The RFEF responded with a statement condemning the ‘very serious infraction’
  • Spain plans to use lower-age group players to bolster the squad in the meantime
  • The 15 will not return until they ‘recognise their mistake and ask for forgiveness’

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is standing by women’s national head coach Jorge Vilda despite receiving threats of resignation from 15 players.

Over a dozen Spain stars have emailed the governing body to say that they would resign unless Vilda was axed from his position, insisting that his management of the team was affecting their mental health.

The RFEF has issued a strongly-worded statement in response, condemning that the selected players had committed a ‘very serious infraction’ by refusing to play for the country.

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is sticking by women’s national head coach Jorge Vilda

Fifteen players emailed the RFEF threatening to quit the team unless the manager was sacked

The resignation threats could also result in a suspension of up to five years from the national team, and the RFEF demanded apologies from all of the players involved.

In the meantime, Spain have stated that they will use lower age-group players to fill out their squad as a result.

The Spanish FA’s statement read: ‘The RFEF can confirm that, throughout today, we received 15 emails from 15 players of the women’s senior football team… in which they state that the current situation affects “significantly” their emotional state and their health and that, “as long as it is not reversed”, they resign from the Spanish national team.

The governing body responded by threatening to suspend the 15 players for up to five years

Manchester City’s Laia Aleixandri is thought to be one of the 15 unhappy players to email RFEF

‘The RFEF is not going to allow the players to question the continuity of the national coach and his coaching staff, since making those decisions does not fall within their powers.’

Manchester United stars Ona Batlle and Lucia Garcia were among those who sent the emails, alongside Manchester City players Laia Aleixandri and Leila Ouahabi, according to reports in Spain.

Six Barcelona players also threatened to quit the national team, although it is believed captain Irene Paredes and Ballon D’Or winner Alexia Putellas were not among them.

The RFEF, which did not reveal the identities of the 15 stars, has issued its full support to the manager and urged that the players will not return to the team unless they ‘recognise their mistake and ask for forgiveness’.

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