Show Racism the Red Card calls on professional clubs to education children

Show Racism the Red Card has called on all professional clubs in England and  Scotland to help with virtual training sessions aimed at educating children  about the issue.

The anti-racism charity has been working to eradicate racism in football since 1996 and has previously hosted educational events at stadiums across the country.

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that has not been possible of late but, with the Black Lives Matter campaign growing over the same period, the charity is keen to keep its programmes running.

All clubs took the knee before kick-off in fixtures following the restart of the football season and Show Racism the Red Card is looking to build on that message.

“It has been fantastic to see top sportsmen and women support the BLM movement and take a knee,” said the charity’s chief executive Ged Grebby.

“Show Racism the Red Card believe these actions are important to highlight the need for anti-racism.

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