Roy Keane reveals he rowed with a woman at a Neil Diamond concert

Roy Keane leaves Gary Neville and Ian Wright in hysterics as he reveals he rowed with a woman who was ‘singing loudly’ at a Neil Diamond concert 10 years ago, before England fans belt out his hit song Sweet Caroline at Wembley

  • Roy Keane shared a hilarious anecdote before England’s clash against Denmark 
  • He revealed he is a fan of Neil Diamond after the singer wished England luck  
  • Keane said he once rowed with a woman who was singing loudly at his concert 
  • His story left fellow pundits Gary Neville and Ian Wright in hysterics in the studio 
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Roy Keane never shies away from an argument about football – and the Manchester United icon certainly won’t back down when it comes to music either after sharing a hilarious anecdote about a Neil Diamond concert.

The pundit was speaking to ITV after the singer – known for his famous anthem Sweet Caroline – wished England luck for their Euro 2020 semi-final clash with Denmark on Wednesday night, and admitted he was a big fan.

Diamond’s song has become synonymous with big sporting events – heard before big boxing fights in the UK – and it has also been adopted in football and used by fans at England games in the Euros this summer.

Roy Keane revealed a hilarious anecdote from a Neil Diamond (R) concert before England’s Euro 2020 semi-final clash against Denmark

After the singer wished England luck for the game, Gary Neville (C) pointed out that Keane had been to see Diamond live

Keane left his fellow pundits Neville and Ian Wright (R) in fits of laughter after telling of how he rowed with a woman at the concert who was singing too loudly

Keane, known for his fiery views in the game and rows with his fellow pundits on air, revealed he had attended a concert of Diamond’s around a decade ago where he clashed with a woman sitting next to him who was ‘singing quite loud’.

After pundit Gary Neville reminded the studio that Keane had been to see Diamond live following the singer’s well wishes to the Three Lions, Keane reflected on the memory and encounter with the spectator.   

‘You know, Roy’s been to a concert of Neil Diamond’s,’ said Neville.

‘He’s brilliant,’ Keane replied. ‘About 10 years ago, but I ended up arguing with the woman next to me. She kept singing all the songs out quite loud so I had a bit of trouble that night, but brilliant concert.’ 

Keane said Diamond was ‘brilliant’ but that he ‘got into trouble’ after clashing with the woman

His story left his fellow pundits Neville and Ian Wright in hysterics as they erupted into fits of laughter before kick-off at Wembley. 

Diamond had spoken to ITV from his home in the US sending his best wishes to Gareth Southgate and his team ahead of a crucial clash – with the team hoping for a win that would send them into Sunday’s final against Italy.

‘Hi Gareth, Neil Diamond here and I am wishing you the best for the semi-finals. I’ll be watching from the mountains of Colorado singing Sweet Caroline along with all of you. Good luck England!’

England fans have used Sweet Caroline as one of their anthems to boost the team this summer

Three Lions boss Gareth Southgate admitted the song was a ‘belter’ and that his team had enjoyed hearing supporters sing it

After hearing fans belting the song out before their 2-0 win over Germany last week, the 80-year-old admitted before their quarter-final against Ukraine: ‘What a thrill it was to hear everyone singing Sweet Caroline at Wembley. I hope you can do it again – here’s to England.’

England boss Southgate admitted he and the squad were enjoying the atmosphere fans were creating at Wembley and said after their win against the Germans that he thought the song was ‘a belter’.

‘To hear [the fans] at the end… I mean, you can’t beat a bit of Sweet Caroline, can you?’ He said. ‘That’s a belter, really.’ 

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