Ronaldo’s bodybuilder ex says steroids turned her into Brazilian bonking machine

A former flame of ex footie ace Ronaldo has told how her indiscriminate anabolic steroid use gave her an insatiable sex drive.

Bodybuilder Michele Umezu is widely known in her native Brazil for being the mother of Ronaldo Nazario's son Alexander.

The 41-year-old recently told local media: "I didn't understand much about the subject during that period. My ex administered everything incorrectly, and I had acne, thicker body hair, hair loss, and my voice changed at the time.

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"In fact, there are some hormones like testosterone that increase libido, and usually women who use them have a high libido… I became insatiable.

"This is not healthy, it was already a collateral problem of the hormone as well. They say testosterone is a youth hormone drug."

Michele met Ronaldo in 2002 when she was living in Japan and working as a nanny, waitress, and model. Ronaldo was in the country competing in the World Cup with the Brazil national football team at the time.

They started a relationship two years later and Michele became pregnant with Ronaldo's child during another of the striker's visits to the East Asian country.

At the time, he was still in a relationship with model, actress, and TV presenter Daniella Cicarelli.

Michele returned to Brazil in 2009 to take a DNA test. She later revealed that Ronaldo was supportive and acknowledged Alexander as his son.

The bodybuilder is now preparing for her next competition in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro State, on 10th June.

Michele told local media: "I'm suffering with the diet. I have four meals a day, which is a lot, and I also drink three litres of water.

"The meal plan is designed by my coach Arthur Pereira, the biggest name in bodybuilding in Brazil, with over 633 titles.

"His diet is meticulously calculated, it's incredible how the body changes in two weeks."

Michele stopped using anabolic steroids after a ban by the Federal Council of Medicine earlier this year.

She revealed: "At the moment, I'm doing two hours of cardio to get lean. I'm back to following the protocol, and even my diet will change.

"I have one month until the competition. I'm already getting lean. Steroids help a lot, but it's no use using them without following the diet. Diet and weightlifting are the most important."

Michele says she has not felt significant changes since she stopped taking hormones.

She said: "The difference is only in my physique, because hormones alone don't work miracles.

"For workouts, I prefer caffeine and pre-workout, I can't go without creatine and whey."


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