Richards wishes Keane happy St Patrick's Day in hilarious Twitter post

Micah Richards wishes Roy Keane happy St Patrick’s Day as he hilariously photoshops the former Man United captain over the face of Bruce Willis in a famous scene from Pulp Fiction… in which he runs over his fellow Sky Sports pundit

  • Micah Richards and Roy Keane have struck up a very unlikely friendship
  • The pair have forged an amusing bond working together on Sky Sports
  • On Wednesday, Richards wished his ‘favourite’ Irishman a happy St Patrick’s Day
  • Richards posted a video of the duo photoshopped into a clip from Pulp Fiction

Micah Richards wished his ‘favourite’ Irishman Roy Keane a happy St Patrick’s Day on Twitter, alongside a hilarious video of the pair photoshopped into a famous scene from Pulp Fiction.

The duo have forged an unlikely bromance working together as pundits on Sky Sports, with Keane naturally taking on the serious role while Richards is a more jovial character.

And on Wednesday, Sportsmail columnist Richards took to Twitter to show his love for Keane, writing: ‘Happy St Patrick’s Day To all those who are celebrating today. 

‘My favourite Irishman Roy really has the luck of the Irish to work with me on Sky Sports… though sometimes I think he wishes he could repeat this scene from Pulp Fiction.’ 

Warning graphic content in video below

Micah Richards posted a video of Roy Keane photoshopped into a scene from Pulp Fiction

Richards spots Keane, whose face is superimposed over Bruce Willis’ in his car 

Keane then runs over Richards, who was photoshopped in place of Ving Rhames

In the iconic scene, Keane’s face is superimposed over Bruce Willis’ while he is driving along the road.

As he pulls up at the lights, Richards – who plays the role of Ving Rhames in Pulp Fiction – notices Keane at the wheel. 

Immediately afterwards, Keane puts his foot on the gas and runs over Richards before his car is smashed into by an oncoming vehicle just like in the classic 1994 film.

Richards and Keane are the unlikely punditry duo who have endeared themselves to football fans thanks to their amusing dynamic in the Sky Sports studio.

Richards and Keane have hit it off as pundits since teaming up last season on Sky Sports

Richards recently joked that he is moving to Scotland to be Keane’s No 2 at Celtic

Just recently, former Manchester City defender Richards joked that he was ready to join ex-United skipper Keane as a coach at Celtic.

Keane is reportedly interested in becoming the new permanent manager of Celtic after Neil Lennon’s departure last month.

And after a report popped up on social media claiming Keane wants the Celtic job, Richards joked on Twitter: ‘I’ve just packed my bags. Scotland here we come.’ 

After Richards’ amusing post on Twitter on Wednesday, fans were quick to comment about the pair’s unlikely bromance.

Fans took to social media to comment on the unlikely bromance after Richards’ post

In reply to Richards, one Twitter user wrote: ‘I’m a Man Utd fan and a Roy Keane fan, but my man you make me laugh. Keep up the good work annoying Keane and all you boys doing Monday night club awesome.’

‘It’s a beautiful bromance’, another football fan commented alongside three laughing emojis.

Another Twitter user said: ‘Is there a more likable bloke on earth than Micah Richards? Even Roy Keane can’t help but like him.’ 

Furthermore, someone else wrote: ‘You two crack me up, love the banter’, while another joked: ‘Hopefully Roy doesn’t take the Celtic job because enjoying the stick you give him every Sunday. TV gold.’

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