Morris says his sacking from Chelsea with Lampard was 'super harsh'

‘Do I think it was harsh? Yeah, super harsh!’ Jody Morris opens up on Frank Lampard’s sacking at Chelsea as former assistant insists pair could have ‘turned it around’ – but admits that even he would have then brought in ‘top quality’ Thomas Tuchel

  • Jody Morris spoke on Jimmy Bullard’s podcast about his time at Chelsea
  • Frank Lampard’s assistant admitted the team went through a ‘poor six weeks’
  • Yet Morris says the pair could have been given the time to turn it around 
  • The coach adds that Thomas Tuchel is ‘top quality’ and he wants to be a manager

Frank Lampard’s assistant at Chelsea Jody Morris has opened up on his exit from the club and described the pair’s sacking in January as ‘super harsh.’ 

Morris, who came with Lampard from Derby in the summer of 2019, was Blues assistant for 18 months before the pair received their marching orders following a poor run of form. 

Now out of work, the 42-year-old former Chelsea player revealed what those final days were like and how he believes the pair could have been given a bit more time, given a transfer ban the year before as well as the pandemic.  

Frank Lampard’s assistant at Chelsea Jody Morris has opened up on his exit from the club

The pair were sacked after a poor run of form in December-January of the last campaign 

‘The way the season had gone for most teams, unusually for many teams at the top of the table, they went through some really bad spells. We definitely went through a six week period where we underperformed, totally,’ Morris told ‘the Off The Hook with Jimmy Bullard podcast

‘Arsenal and Everton away was really poor. But we absolutely believed we could turn it round. 

‘At Chelsea, things like that (sacking) can happen. Do I think it was harsh? Yeah, I thought it was super, super harsh.’

Despite the downturn form, ex-PSG and Borussia Dortmund boss Thomas Tuchel took over and turned the team’s fortunes around. 

A top-four finish was secured and Chelsea won the Champions League against Premier League champions Manchester City in Porto in May.

Thomas Tuchel took over at Stamford Bridge and led the Blues to the Champions League 

Morris admits the German has done a brilliant job, describing him as ‘top quality.’  

‘But at the same time if you look now, I remember speaking to my Chelsea mates and I said I’d go for Tuchel, if I was looking for a manager,’ Morris added. ‘We’d heard rumblings in the days leading up to it. 

‘When you see what he went on to achieve in the Champions League – he’s a top quality manager. 

Morris still feels as though he and Lampard could have been given the time to turn it around 

‘However, I’ve got to say I still felt like there was an opportunity for us to turn it round considering the problems we’d had in 18 months with the transfer ban and the pandemic, but we did go through a poor five-six week period.’

Morris added that he was keen to explore a career in management and revealed he has already had offers to get back involved in the game.; 

‘He (Lampard) certainly had a rest up (after the sacking). When you’re manager of Chelsea, the pressure is on another level to what I’ve seen. 

Morris was also alongside Lampard at Derby but revealed he is looking to be a manager himself

‘I’m sure he’s welcomed the rest. I think he’s a top manager as it is but I’m sure he’ll be back in some day.’

‘I’ve had some formal and informal meetings since I’ve come out the game. Got one very quickly and the first person I called was Frank. I wanted his advice. 

‘Who knows when any of us will get another job? Who knows what’s round the corner, but I’m not ruling out being a manager myself.’

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