Micah Richards mocks Kate Abdo by taking over her presenting duties

Micah Richards mocks Kate Abdo by jokingly mistaking Jamie Carragher for ‘Jamie Redknapp,’ as he takes over her hosting duties after she accidentally introduced CBS’s Champions League show as Fox Sports

  • The crew was presenting its pregame show for Man City’s win over Real Madrid
  • Abdo got revenge by in fact showing a reel of Richards being wet by sprinklers 
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CBS Sports’ coverage got off to a comical start Wednesday after analyst Micah Richards hijacked the broadcast from host Kate Abdo, leading to a series of hilarious events.

Abdo began introducing the panel of herself, Richards, Thierry Henry, and Jamie Carragher before she was interrupted at the start of the latest episode of shenanigans on CBS’s Champion League show.

Richards cut her off and announced instead of going with the standard intro, they were going to focus on Abdo. 

A blooper reel then began showing clips of Abdo’s recent misfortune, including nearly choking and needing water while speaking into live cameras, as well as a moment when she incorrectly said that they were on Fox Sports instead of CBS Sports.

Richards then continued his joking around by mockingly calling Carragher ‘Jamie Redknapp,’ to make fun of Abdo’s network mixup.

Micah Richards took over the CBS Champions League broadcast mocking his host Kate Abdo

He showed a blooper reel that included footage of Abdo choking while speaking and more 

Richards also jokingly called Jamie Carragher ‘Jamie Redknapp’ as he mocked an old mistake 

After Abdo finally was able to regain control of the broadcast she managed to get in a taunt of her own at Richards.

She revealed that just before they had gone on air, the entire cast had been soaked as the sprinklers on the field had turned toward desk sending the now-drenched cast members running for cover.

The sprinkler video reduced the crew into hysterics once again as it showed Abdo, Carragher and Henry all dodging out the way but Richards was cut unaware and got a soaking. 

Richards’s hijacking was his shot at revenge at Abdo for her regular mocking that he is the only one of the three former players on the panel who never lifted the Champions League Trophy in his career. 

The cast, mainly Richards ended up soaked in water thanks to the on-field sprinkler system

As the sprinkler attacked them, the entire cast hilariously ran for cover providing real humor 

The joy from his revenge was short lived as Abdo would go on to play her own reel of Richards being the primary victim of several other sprinkler attacks that the group had endured.

Following the unserious antics during the pregame show, the cast had another attention drawing moment thanks to Manchester City star Jack Grealish. 

Grealish joined the crew for a post-game interview which saw him eventually drop an F bomb on live air.  

Manchester City defeated Real Madrid 4-0 leading to the playmaker’s excitement as he joined the set.

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