Jesse Lingard accuses Man United of briefing against him in the press

They’re so far behind on EVERYTHING!’ Jesse Lingard slams the state of Man United – then accuses the club of briefing against him in the press and cancelling a ‘done’ loan move to Newcastle

  • Jesse Lingard gave a brutal assessment of his recent years at Manchester United 
  • The Nottingham Forest star moved on from United after 23 years in the summer 
  • Following a loan request, he claims John Murtough asked if he wanted ‘days off’ 
  • Lingard slated the lack of control and stability since Sir Alex Ferguson retired 

Jesse Lingard has hit out at former club Manchester United, labeling the club as ‘behind’ other elite Premier League clubs in an explosive interview. 

The Nottingham Forest attacker unleashed on the Red Devils, claiming they are stuck in the past and have lacked any control since Sir Alex Ferguson departed.

Lingard told The Diary of a CEO Podcast that United briefed the press against him after a loan deal to Newcastle collapsed last January. 

Jesse Lingard revealed much about his boyhood club in an explosive interview released today

Lingard claimed the deal ‘was done’ until United’s Director of Football John Murtough phoned and said he would be no longer leaving, before asking if his motivation to depart was to have ‘days off.’

‘I wanted to go on loan in January, because I wasn’t playing – again – and Newcastle was on the cards,’ Lingard told the podcast.  ‘The deal was done and everything, but obviously the United squad wasn’t big enough. 

‘So, they let a couple of players go out on loan, but when it came to me, John Murtough rang and said “No, you’re not going on loan.”

‘I was like, “Well, he’s gone on loan – let me go and enjoy my football as I’m not playing here.” He asked “What do you want, days off?” and I said “No, I just want to go and play football.”

The current Nottingham Forest star struggled for minutes during the final year of his contract

He accused United’s Football Director, John Murtough (R), of refusing to let him leave on loan 

‘So, then they stopped the loan – I was pissed – and when he said “Did I want days off”, so I messaged him and said “I am going to take two days off now, just because you said that.”

‘Then they put out “Jesse’s asked for two days off in the media,” I was like “what?” I went on Twitter straight away and put the facts out there.’

Lingard eventually left Manchester United this summer, making a surprise move to promoted Nottingham Forest after 23 years with the club. During his earlier years at Carrington, Ferguson was a figurehead but since his retirement from management, Lingard believes the club fell away. 

‘There was no control,’ Lingard said of his years at the club. ‘When Ferguson was there, it was full control. A fortress – everything went through him. Contracts, commercial deals, everything. 

Lingard spent 23 years at Manchester United before a permanent move to Forest this summer

‘Of course, generations change, players grow up and people have a voice. When things are getting said about you that are not true, you are going to voice your opinion. 

‘It wouldn’t have happened back in the day – it would have been squashed there and then with Sir Alex. But now, people have got platforms to voice their own opinion and write what they want.’

Instability in the upper echelons were not the only gripe for the 30-year-old, who believes United, in some respects, cannot compare with their contemporaries. 

‘They’re so behind on everything,’ he said. ‘You see City’s facilities, Tottenham’s facilities…people are miles ahead. Even the social side of things. 

Unlike sections of the United fanbase, Lingard is unsure who is at fault for the club’s struggles

‘I went to them in 2017 about YouTube and doing content – I just wanted them to get up to date with everything and the new things that are happening. You have to be relevant and stay relevant.’

Lingard also cited close friend and former United disappointment, Paul Pogba as an example of just how far the club had fallen.   

‘There was no control, no structure, people doing what they want – it was like a free-for-all,’ he said. 

‘People staying stuff that had never happened at United, people saying stuff on Twitter, what happened with Paul – he got a lot of scrutiny but the guy is one of the best midfielders in the world. 

Lingard is widely known for his interests in social media, which he approached the club about

‘I’ve known him since he was like 16 – the kid has got talent, one of the best midfielders in the world and still he can’t perform at United. So there’s something wrong in some ways if he can’t perform. Then during the season he goes to France and see how he plays there. I can’t say what it is. I enjoyed my time under Jose there.’

The Warrington local refused to subscribe to the popular narrative that perceived dysfunction at United is down to the Glazer family, and suggested his colleagues were similarly minded.

‘We don’t know [who’s calling the shots],’ Lingard revealed. ‘And of course now they want to sell the club. We were just behind on a lot of things. Players didn’t really take a view. 

‘You want that modern things, you want the things that are popping off at the time but we don’t know who calls the shots on the training ground and that sort of thing. Flash training ground, best facilities, no-one talking in the press about the team.’

The 30-year-old returned to Old Trafford last month with Forest which resulted in a 3-0 defeat

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