Jermaine Jenas was left "fuming" after David Bentley built a snowman in his 4×4

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Jermaine Jenas comes across as a pretty level-headed bloke.

But the footballer-turned-pundit was left "fuming" after David Bentley built a snowman in his Range Rover during Tottenham training.

Bentley, who retired from football in 2013, is well-known for his love of hijinks, famously soaking boss Harry Redknapp after Spurs had beaten Man City to qualify for the Champions League in 2010.

And his snowman prank had ex-Tottenham team-mate Jamie O'Hara in stitches as he recalled the incident on a YouTube video with Soccer AM star Tubes.

Asked who the funniest footballer he ever played with was, O'Hara replied: "I was lucky in the dressing room in terms of jokers."

"Keano [Robbie Keane] was funny but because he was the captain he had to kind of behave himself.

"David Bentley; he was an absolute character. He thought he was a rockstar. He used to come in with his cowboy boots on and caps and all that and he was proper into his music and stuff."

After setting the scene, O'Hara began telling the story of how one day Bentley left an ice-cool surprise for Jenas in the passenger seat of his Range Rover.

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"I remember one day when it was snowing and we were training", O'Hara said. "He [Bentley] disappeared when we were training for a big game.

"He just disappeared and went missing. I think he'd said he'd gone in or something but he just went missing.

"After training, we're all going home, we're all in the car park and just had a bit of lunch.

"Jermaine Jenas has gone and got in the front of his Range Rover and there's a snowman in the passenger seat.

"David had built a snowman on his passenger seat of his Rover Rover. He was fuming."

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