Jamie Carragher left red-faced as confident Fulham prediction backfires

If Liverpool thought their dismal Premier League defence had hit rock bottom, Fulham ’s win at Anfield proves the nadir has yet to be reached.

From leading the league in January, the champions have won just three out of their last 12 games, with a run of six straight home defeats in there for good measure.

Mario Lemina’s second-half strike was the difference for Fulham, who under Scott Parker look ready to fight for their own top-flight status.

The Cottagers have lost just one of their last six and fully deserved three points from their trip to Merseyside.

As has become customary during Liverpool ’s demise, Manchester United hero Gary Neville was quick to poke fun at Jurgen Klopp’s men.

In the process he unearthed Jamie Carragher’s view on Fulham, a view that spectacularly backfired in the aftermath of their win.

Speaking in September, Carragher told Sky Sports: “I mean Fulham are going down, I’ve never been more certain about anything in my life.

“They were a mess last time they came up. What they don’t want to be is a mess. They’re going to go down. But go down together.”

Fast forward a few months and Carragher was full of praise for Parker’s side labelling them a ‘really well coached outfit’.

“Fulham will cause us problems – it’s clear,” Klopp said of their latest defeat. “They’re in a good moment, they’re a good team. We all agree a team like this should stay in the Premier League.”

It was also put to the German that Fulham’s players wanted it more, something he strongly denied: “The winner is always right. My boys wanted it. It’s easy to judge they have won it so wanted it more. I don’t think that’s the problem.”

Whether Fulham can stay up remains to be seen, after all, they still occupy one of the three relegation spots with ten games reamining.

But to even be in the mix highlights the job Parker has done and perhaps shows just how far Liverpool fallen in turn.

“Last year, that man there [Klopp] rightfully called his team mentality monsters and rightly so. They deserved that title,” Carragher said during his commentary.

"But right now they are more like mentality midgets."

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