Jamie Carragher left mortified by Gary Neville’s man-marking on MNF

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Football fans have spotted Jamie Carragher's hilarious reaction to Gary Neville using him as a prop on Monday Night Football.

The pair were the pundits for Everton's clash with Burnley, in which Rafa Benitez's side came out on top thanks to three goals in six minutes.

Everton continued their unbeaten start to the season, but it was the hilarious moment after the match that had fans talking.

When speaking about man-marking, Neville proceeds to grab Carragher to demonstrate how close a defender should get to an attacker.

And Carragher hilarious looks at the camera after flashing a surprised expression towards Neville.

"But a yard too deep [ideal marking position] means that your striker is there," Neville states as he stands an arm's length away from his former Liverpool star.

"Rather than being up here, rather than being body to body," the Manchester United legend continued as he man-marked Carragher in the Sky Sports studio.

Carragher then looks over his shoulder nervously at the camera before looking at it dead on after Neville has moved back to his post.

"And I think that, to me, is not Burnley they've got to be up against people in the box," Neville concluded.

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Carragher and Neville also engaged in a heated debate about who's the GOAT, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Liverpool man shot down Neville after he expressed his opinions on the debate.

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