Indy Football Podcast: Bias, Liverpool and will Manchester City’s dominance end up killing football?

On today’s Indy Football Podcast, stand-in host Jack Pit-Brooke is joined by chief football writer Miguel Delaney and chief sports writer Jonathan Liew.

The trio discuss their different experiences of Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool on Saturday evening, and how writing about a football game changes your experience of it. Can you take bias out of football journalism? What about emotion?

Then we move onto this season’s title race and whether we expect Manchester City to rack up another 100 points. Is this Manchester City hegemony good for the Premier League? Where will it all end?

And what do we make now of Leicester City winning the Premier League in 2015-16, a result that looks unlikelier than ever. Given what we learned from Football Leaks this week, what is the immediate future for the top end of the professional game? The Premier League in its current form will not be able to last forever as the richest teams pull away from the rest. Is football finished as we know it?

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