Gary Lineker reveals 'snus' left him vomiting naked in the bathroom

Gary Lineker suffered ‘seven hours of absolute torture’, vomiting the night before he was presenting Euro 2020 on the BBC, after taking footballers’ favourite Snus tobacco pouches

  • The use of the smokeless tobacco snus has been on the rise among footballers
  • A study is being conducted by the PFA over the use among professional players 
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Gary Lineker has revealed he was left vomiting on the bathroom floor after being convinced to use snus for the first time.

The use of snus has reportedly been on the rise among professional footballers, with the nicotine product used by placing a small sachet between the upper lip and gumline.

The smokeless tobacco not a banned substance, but is illegal to buy in the UK.

Speaking on the Rest is Football podcast, Lineker admitted he had been convinced to try snus ahead of the European Championships in 2021 following a dinner ahead of the tournament’s opening match.

The Match of the Day host said he initially declined trying snus, but was convinced after a few drinks with the 62-year-old choosing a ‘weak’ rather than strong option.

Gary Lineker has revealed trying snus had left him vomiting on the floor of his hotel bathroom

The smokeless tobacco product, originating in Sweden, is placed under the upper lip

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Lineker told Micah Richards that he began feeling ‘really dizzy’ after returning to his bedroom.

‘I sit on the bed and I’m stark naked, and I’ve whipped this thing straight out my mouth and thrown it in the bin, thinking what they hell is this,’ Lineker said.

‘I start to sweat, but I’m freezing. I’m sweating and I’m sweating and there’s a pool on the floor, and I can’t move. I’m thinking what the hell have they done to me.

‘I start to feel very nauseous but I can’t stand up as I feel very dizzy. Eventually I lay on the floor and I crawl to the toilet like a snake, just sliding, that’s the only way I could get there.

‘And just before I got to the toilet, I vomit everywhere, it’s on the shower screens, it’s all over.

‘I feel terrible, it’s horrendous. I am hating you lot like you can’t imagine.

‘Eventually the thing came to and end and I got into my bed and I thought I’ll look at the time. It was 7am in the morning. I’d had seven hours of absolute torture. Thank you very much for that Micah.’

Lineker’s comments come with the use of snus on the rise among football players, despite stars being repeatedly warned over its use.

The use of snus is reportedly on the rise among professional footballers despite health risks

Snus use has been linked with heart conditions, oral disease and decreased physical performance.

The PFA launched a 12-month project in collaboration with academics at Loughborough University in September.

The study is attempting to identify how many professional players are using snus, while also raising awareness of its negative health impacts.

Initial findings of the study are expected to be released this winter, with the PFA stating the project will feed into their established welfare and safeguarding programmes.

Leicester striker Jamie Vardy revealed in 2018 that he had stopped using snus due to negative publicity, after being pictured with a box at Euro 2016.


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