Gary Lineker and Ian Wright’s funny debate on whether sex is better than goals

Gary Lineker and Ian Wright were no strangers when it came to finding the back of the net in their footballing days so come well-equipped to answer the question – was scoring goals a better feeling than sex?

This is a debate both pundits chose to talk about this week on the new BBC Match of the Day podcast.

And as they highlight, this question is one that 99 per cent of the population will never know the answer to so it is certainly a point of interest for many.

Lineker remains one of England’s greatest ever goalscorer’s and was this country’s top marksman until recently when Wayne Rooney overtook his 48 international goals.

And his 281 goals in 567 club games is a record that not many more English greats can beat statistically.

Arsenal legend Wright never really got a proper chance in an England shirt but won a Premier League title and two FA Cups with the Gunners.

And his 324 strikes in 626 games for the likes of West Ham and Crystal Palace, as well as Arsenal, put him down as one of the best.

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Both then are well qualified to give their verdict on goals and sex and the similarities and differences of both.

And their hilarious take on the Match of the Day podcast went something like this….

Gary Lineker: “You know when people ask that silly question… what’s better – scoring a goal or having sex?

Ian Wright: “I remember when I was younger, I used to go sex.”

Lineker: “Then you realise, anyone can have sex, can’t they. But not everyone can score a big goal in a big game.”

Wright: “What they should have said is you can never score a goal again or you can never have sex again. I’d never have sex again.”

Lineker: “You know what the truth is now though. None of us will ever score again… and we’ll probably never have sex again!”

Wright: “It’s only two minutes anyway, the sex.”

Alan Shearer: “You won’t at your age anyway.”

Wright: “No, I swear. I could never, ever not have that feeling. It’s amazing.”

So there you have it. Clear as mud! But what most people would give to have had the opportunity to answer that question.

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