Eric Dier told ‘suck it up and get on with it’ after complaining about fan abuse

Tottenham defender Eric Dier has been slammed after he spoke out about the abuse players and their families receive from fans, with former Premier League star Danny Murphy telling him to 'suck it up'.

Dier was once again called up to the England squad by Gareth Southgate following an 18-month absence, and the Tottenham star has been subject to some ridicule from fans for his inclusion. But Dier is unfortunately no stranger to feeling the wrath of the fans, and has recently banned friends and family from attending matches in order to guarantee their safety.

The Tottenham star once stormed into the crowd to defend a family member after his side lost to at home to Norwich back in 2020. And after speaking out once again about fan conduct, Murphy has told him to "get on with it" in a savage response.

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Dier revealed earlier this week that friends and family suffered abuse during Tottenham's 2-2 draw away to Chelsea, as he said: "I had some family and friends at the Chelsea away game with Tottenham recently and they had problems and stuff. Not nice ones either. It is a huge, huge problem.

"It was verbal, not physical – but, like, bad stuff. I am not saying it is just Chelsea fans or Tottenham fans, it is football fans in general. I never complain about this stuff and I don't really mind. I am not dramatic about this and I don't think anybody should be. It is really not that big a deal for me. If it is in the right way, I love that side of things.

"But there are some things I find very strange. It is not nice. [Some of] my family would never go to an away game nowadays because of it. I feel too uncomfortable for them to go. This has been for years. My mum has not been to an away game. She would love to, but I would be worried about it – and that's crazy, isn't it?"

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But Dier has been shown no sympathy by Murphy, who has slammed the Tottenham star after reflecting on his own experiences as a professional. "That's life," Murphy said on talkSPORT. "I've been there, I've had it. My mum went to a couple of games, she didn't like it, so she stopped going.

"If you can't put up with some verbals and some detrimental comments… you're either resilient enough to deal with that and understand the situation you're in, or you're not. It's part and parcel of going to a football match, People pay their money to do it.

"And what is abuse? What are we talking about? There is a level of abuse nobody deserves to take, of course, so it depends. He is not very specific about what was said.

"I think some people throw the word 'abuse' around. If someone is talking about how poor his performances are or how bad a footballer they think he is, and they say it with a swear word, is that abuse? It's not abuse, it's an opinion, one that's just stated poorly.

"I think there's not enough resilience anymore. This is not anything new. When he says "these days", these are not "these days". I have had it, my brother used to come and watch me, my dad, my mum. Some put up with it, sometimes my mates would share their opinion with someone else in the ground, but they don't then come to me and put that pressure and burden on me. They just deal with it like grown ups.

"Come on, you're a big boy playing for your country! I know it's not ideal that you feel like your family can't go to every game if they feel a little bit offended, but that's just the way it is. So suck it up and get on with it! The same happened to me! I am him! My mum stopped going to games because she didn't like it, so I said to her, 'just don't go'."


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