England to be cheered on by ex-pats if they reach Rome quarter-final

England could be supported by thousands of ex-pats if they reach Saturday’s Euro 2020 quarter-final in Rome’s Stadio Olimpico… despite restrictions on travelling fans

  • The FA will receive 2600 tickets if England progress to the quarter-final in Rome
  • The allocation is set to be made available to Italian based English supporters
  • FA are yet to gauge the demand for tickets – around 30,000 ex-pats live in Italy
  • The capacity will be reduced to 15,948 for Saturday’s last eight encounter  
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England could be cheered on by thousands of ex-pat fans if they reach Saturday’s quarter-final in Rome despite the prohibition on travelling support. 

The Italian government’s imposition of a mandatory five-day quarantine for British tourists has made it impossible for UK-based supporters to attend the quarter-final unless they arrived in Rome last night, 24 hours before England’s last-16 clash with Germany, a travel itinerary that would deter all but the most optimistic of fans.

The FA will still receive an allocation of 2600 for the game at the Stadio Olimpico, where the capacity will be reduced to 15,948, and as they are advising fans not to travel the tickets will be made available to Italian-based supporters.

England will head to Rome’s Stadio Olimpico for Saturday’s quarter final if they beat Germany 

England could be cheered on by supporters based in Italy should they reach the quarters 

There are around 30,000 ex-pats living in Italy, the biggest concentration of whom can be found in the Lazio region with Rome at its heart. 

The FA have yet to gauge the precise demand for tickets from the ex-pat community or any intrepid fans who have already travelled to Italy in time to comply with the government’s Covid-19 regulations. 

Any unsold tickets will be returned to UEFA, who would make them available to the general public and other partners.

England will return to St George’s Park for training if they overcome Germany on Tuesday 

England’s players will not have the support of family or friends should they reach the last eight, as the quarantine restrictions have prevented the FA from chartering a plane to take them to Rome, as they did for the latter stages of the World Cup in Russia three years ago. 

The players’ loved ones will again be at Wembley on Tuesday evening in hospitality arranged by the FA, but will have to wait until a possible semi-final next week to see them play again.

England will return to St George’s Park for three days’ training if they progress on Tuesday rather than staying in London to train at Tottenham, as they did between the Scotland and Czech Republic group games, before flying to Rome on Friday.

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