EFL lay down rules for early finish in three divisions

EFL lay down rules for early finish in the Championship, League One and League Two with final decision on their fate set for June 1

  • EFL clubs have until Tuesday to deliver their verdicts on plan to end the season 
  • Promotion and relegation will remain as final places settled by points-per-game
  • The play-offs will also take place but contested by a maximum of four teams

EFL clubs have until Tuesday to deliver their verdicts on the league’s plan to end the season, with a final decision on the fate of the three divisions set for June 1.

The EFL have invited their 71 clubs to give their feedback after confirming the planned framework to finalise the season should any of the three divisions end early.

Promotion and relegation will remain, final positions will be settled by points-per-game and the play-offs will take place but not with more than four teams.

EFL have invited 71 clubs to give their feedback on planned framework to finalise the season

The EFL board intend to adopt the proposals into their regulations after the plans have been reviewed by clubs ahead of votes next week. Confirmation of the outcome is expected by early in the following week, with June 1 earmarked.

For any of the divisions to be curtailed at least 51 per cent of clubs need to vote in favour.

Twenty-three club League One is the most divided with at least eight sides support for continuing the season known.

However several clubs, including from those clubs against curtailment, are resigned to seeing the season ended prematurely.

Leeds chief said it’d be embarrassing if European leagues finish and Championship couldn’t 

League Two clubs have already voted to end the season early, though were hoping to see relegation scrapped.

They too will have to agree to the new proposals drawn up by the EFL which include relegation in a vote next week.

While there is opposition to continuing the Championship campaign, the majority of clubs want the season to resume.

They can officially return to training on Monday following the first round of coronavirus tests in the last-48 hours. The EFL confirmed results are ‘unlikely to be available until Sunday 24 May.’

Angus Kinnear, chief executive of Championship leaders Leeds, said: ‘It would be a national embarrassment if the Bundesliga, La Liga or Serie A were to be able to complete safely and the first and fifth biggest leagues in the world were not able to follow suit if the context remained comparable.’

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