CHRIS SUTTON: Tuchel is playing dangerous games with Hudson-Odoi

CHRIS SUTTON: Thomas Tuchel is playing dangerous games with Callum Hudson-Odoi after embarrassing the winger and then rubbing salt in the wounds by criticising him publicly… he needs players on board, NOT enemies

  • Callum Hudson-Odoi will still be hurting after what happened on Saturday
  • Thomas Tuchel did himself no favours by criticising the winger after the game 
  • This feels like a dangerous approach to management from the Chelsea boss

Thomas Tuchel said what happened on Saturday would be forgotten by Sunday.

Not in Callum Hudson-Odoi’s mind. He would still have been thinking about it when he turned up for training at Cobham on Monday morning.

It’s bad enough being the substitute who is substituted, but even worse when the manager follows that up by having a pop at you in his post-match interviews. 

Thomas Tuchel is playing risky games with how he handled Callum Hudson-Odoi situation

Martin O’Neill never did that to us at Celtic. He’d tell us what’s what in the dressing room, dig out players for not doing their jobs, but he would never make that public.

Tuchel did. He embarrassed Hudson-Odoi by bringing him on then taking him off, and raised more eyebrows with his comments afterwards. He put down a marker.

Look, we don’t know what instructions Tuchel gave Hudson-Odoi at half-time. Maybe he didn’t carry out those instructions and Tuchel made an example of him. 

Hudson-Odoi will still be feeling embarrassed after being subbed on and off again on Saturday

Tuchel must think Hudson-Odoi is a strong character but he doesn’t want him as an enemy

He must think Hudson-Odoi is a strong character who can handle it, but this is a dangerous approach to management.

Tuchel said Hudson-Odoi could start against Atletico Madrid on Tuesday night. I’d be surprised after this.

Tuchel needs his players to be on board with his plans, and he has risked making an enemy of one here.

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