Chelsea fans jeer Real Madrid chief Perez ahead of European clash

‘Florentino Perez, you’re a c***’: Chelsea fans jeer Real Madrid chief after the Super League supremo arrived for Champions League clash at Stamford Bridge as supporters mock his failed breakaway tournament

  • Real Madrid chief Florentino Perez was slammed by Chelsea fans on Wednesday  
  • Supporters jeered him and called him a c**** as he arrived for European clash 
  • Perez was in charge of the European Super League before its dramatic collapse
  • Chelsea fans held up signs and let off smoke bombs after he turned up in a taxi 

Real Madrid chief Florentino Perez was ruthlessly mocked by Chelsea fans ahead of their Champions League clash with the LaLiga outfit on Wednesday evening, with a group holding up signs and labelling him a ‘c***’.

Chelsea were hosting Los Blancos to the Stamford Bridge for a hotly-anticipated semi final second leg with the scores level at 1-1, but Perez received no such warm welcome as supporters targeted a taxi believed to be taking him the Super League mastermind to the stadium.

Perez has received heavy criticism across the world having been instrumental in signing 12 top clubs up to the controversial breakaway tournament – before outcry from supporters, pundits and broadcasters forced him to put it on stand-by. A number of teams, including Chelsea, decided to withdraw after mounting pressure.

Chelsea fans made their voices heard as they slammed Real Madrid chief Florentino Perez ahead of their Champions League clash against Real Madrid

Supporters let off smoke and held up fans as a taxi believed to be carrying Perez arrived 

A section of fans were also said to have called the European Super League supremo a ‘c***’ as he turned up for the semi-final

And Blues fans made their voices heard after seeing what they thought was Perez arriving for the game, with a section yelling: ‘Perez, you’re a c***’, according to journalist Sam Cunningham, while others held up a sign saying ‘Perez in the bin’.

There was also a fake gravestone that had been made by a group of fans and placed by the railings outside the stadium, reading: ‘RIP Super League’.

Hundreds of fans had gathered outside the ground to welcome the team’s arrival with blue smoke, while also protesting against their club and owner Roman Abramovich for their involvement with the competition.

A fake gravestone with the words ‘RIP Super League’ was also found outside the stadium 

Hundreds of Chelsea fans congregated before the game to protest against the club for their involvement in the European Super League

Chelsea fans had turned up in their droves before last month’s 0-0 draw at home to Brighton in protest at the idea of the Super League, with club director Petr Cech being forced to plead with fans to let the team into the stadium. 

The animosity towards the owners was a pivotal moment as Chelsea became the first of the Premier League teams to pull out, with Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool following suit.  

Speaking last month to defend criticism of the Super League, Perez said it was designed to ‘save football’ with so many clubs in financial trouble following the crippling Covid-19 crisis.

‘If we don’t do something, it won’t last long,’ he said. ‘Football has to change and it has to adapt. 

Owner Roman Abramovich had come under fire before pulling the club out of the tournament

‘There are lots of games of little quality; we have to change this sport to make it more attractive at all levels.

‘Manchester United is more attractive than Manchester [United] against a more modest team. The Champions League is only attractive from the quarter-finals onwards. Before that it’s [with] modest teams that are not attractive.’ 

‘The future of football is at stake. Some don’t like it because they are going to lose their privileges and they are irresponsible. 

‘We’re doing this to save football. We want to save football for the next 20 years at least so we can survive without worries.’ 

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