Snap ban after NRL families filmed breaching covid rules

Video of three NRL players and their loved ones blatantly breaching Queensland biosecurity bubble rules has sparked outrage from authorities and now means they can’t set foot outside.

In the vision, captured earlier this week, three NRL families can be seen passing items to each other through their hotel balconies to rooms beside and above them, in complete defiance of restrictions.

Immediately after the pictures surfaced, Queensland chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young hinted that her patience had worn thin with footballers.

Now, those in the rugby league’s hotel bubble in the state will no longer allowed on their balconies or even to open the door for fresh air, according to reports.

The ban from going outside was reported on Saturday morning.

During the season, NRL players have been slugged with fines from other breaches including sneaking a woman into a hotel room and having a BBQ in the midst of a lockdown.

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NRL players and families break rules by interacting with people in other hotel rooms.Source:Channel 9

The families have since been banned from their balconies to stop this happening again.Source:Channel 9

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Dr Young said on Friday that she was deciding whether to end the arrangement between Queensland Health and the NRL following multiple breaches.

“I‘m getting very close to it,” Dr Young told reporters.

“I‘m very, very concerned about what is happening with these NRL players.

“This is too risky. We just cannot have people deliberately breaching the rules.” has reached out to Queensland Health, Queensland Police and the NRL for confirmation of the balcony ban.

LATEST: From today, NRL families in quarantine are not allowed to use their balcony or even have the door open for fresh air. A directive from the QLD government. @[email protected]/AOqOe1sSHT

Channel 9 reports that NRL chief executive Andrew Abdo had a stern phone call with the families to emphasise the importance of following COVID-19 protocols.

One hotel apparently announced over its loud speaker to guests not to pass items between floors and balconies.

ARLC chairman Peter V‘landys said these breaches would not be tolerated.

“Anyone who‘s breached the bubble and put the game and the income of fellow players at risk will be heavily penalised if the allegations are proven true,” V’landys said on 2GB.

“It was first brought to the attention of the NSWRL yesterday who then referred it to the integrity department. We haven‘t really had a chance to investigate it and see the veracity of the allegations.

“We certainly penalised the St George Illawarra team and Jai Arrow and it will be no different if these allegations are proven. At the moment they are just allegations and we need to investigate them.”

It comes as the NRL handed out fines to the tune of $305,000 for the 13 players having a barbecue, and a separate fine of $35,000 for Apisai Koroisau as well as a two-match ban for bringing a woman a $35,000 fine.

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