Angry magpie chases player off field in hilarious scenes

This angry bird was doing everything he could to support his team.

Parkes Spacemen Rugby League junior Jack Skinner was chased off the field by a persistent magpie in his game against the Forbes Magpies on Saturday.

Jack was isolated on the wing when the winged marauder took a liking to his protective headgear and launched a series of dive-bombing attacks.

Jack initially attempted to ward off the black-and-white bandit but he kept coming and coming, much to the delight of a man filming the action.

Help came when Jack was called off the field by a trainer — it’s not clear whether it was a game-based decision or simply to save Skinner’s skin.

But the magpie wasn’t going to let him exit easily, chasing the young fella all the way to the line before finally ending his ambush after a sixth swoop.

The magpie eyeballs his prey.Source:Facebook

The terror is real as the bird prepares to launch.Source:Facebook

Bang! The magpie swoops and connects.Source:Facebook

Our young star decides to run for it.Source:Facebook

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