Chase Elliott finds dad Bill Elliott in crowd for big post-championship hug

Chase Elliott rushed through the post-race crowd after the biggest moment of his young NASCAR career to find his parents.

When he found his dad, NASCAR Hall of Fame driver Bill Elliott, and his mom, Cindy Elliott, he gave them big hugs. All three people were emotional, and his mom repeatedly yelled “Oh my god” in disbelief.

Bill Elliott won the NASCAR championship in 1988 and has helped guide Chase Elliott to this point by drawing on his own experiences with the sport. Cindy Elliott has been an emotional rock for the 24-year-old.

“All you can dream for is opportunity, and I’ve been very fortunate to have that over the years,” Elliott said after his win. “That’s all thanks to some great people. My parents obviously have played a huge role in my success.”

There were several pictures shared on social media of Chase Elliott as a young child with his dad around the track.

Elliott said he’s dealt with personal loss outside the car that could have derailed his approach to NASCAR. His parents have helped him through the difficult stretch.

“The past year has been tough,” Elliott said. “I lost my best friend about a year ago tonight, lost my grandmother last year. Those things bring families closer. I really can’t thank (my parents) enough.”

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