Lewis Hamilton opens up on humbling experience that ‘broke his heart’

Lewis Hamilton on difficult season for Mercedes in November

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Lewis Hamilton has admitted his “heart was broken” after seeing starving children on a trip to India. The Mercedes star realised how “privileged” he was after visiting some of the “poorest places”.

The seven-time champion even admitted he wanted to make a difference to ensure more youngsters get opportunities to thrive. He made the admission on a feature-length episode of the Jay Shetty Podcast.

He said: “I was having this success and I was like ‘I’m at the top, what can I do with it’. There’s so many amazing causes and there’s only one of you, so where do you put the focus?

“It took a long, long time to really find what that was for me. For me, education, I felt extremely passionate about. I’d been out to India, I’d been out to some of the really poorest places like Manilla and seeing young kids who are like us but begging for food and not having the same opportunities.

“And for me, that broke my heart and I realised how privileged we are and how fortunate we are. I want to be working with people out there with people who are trying to create more.”

Hamilton has campaigned passionately for inclusivity through his work with the Hamilton Commission. The charity aims to improve the representation of black people in UK motorsport with education a key role.

The report pushes for F1 teams to broaden access to motorsport through apprenticeships.

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The group also promotes target support schemes, scholarship programmes and an increase in uptake of STEM science subjects. Speaking to Jay Shetty, Hamilton added: “I was winning and it was giving me that tip of happiness but then I would kind of drop back down to normality and there was something missing.

“It was that purpose really or understand what that purpose is, why you’re put here, why you’ve been given the platform that you’ve been given. When I started speaking to diversity people said ‘oh you want to get more people of colour as racing drivers’, there’s only 20 of us.

“I’m like no, there’s’ 40 or 50,000 jobs. There’s thousands of engineering jobs in the background and there is such a lack of diversity coming through. I want to be a part of shifting that narrative and shifting that conversation.”

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