Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crash costs Red Bull £1.3m in repairs

Red Bull's boss, Chris Horner, has revealed the collision between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen caused Red Bull £1.3billion worth of damage.

Hamilton and Verstappen crashed at 180mph at Copse corner on the first lap of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone last Sunday.

Verstappen was taken to Coventry hospital, where he spent six hours, whilst Hamilton was unharmed; the British racer was handed a 10 second time penalty, but he was still able to recover to win the event.

However, Red Bull's car couldn't continue, and Horner has revealed the true extent of the damage in a column on Red Bull's website.

"Given the severity of the incident and the lenient penalty, we are reviewing all data and have the right to request a review.

"We are therefore still looking at the evidence and considering all of our sporting options.

"The other significant factor is the cost-cap element of this. That crash has cost us approximately $1.8million and an accident like that has massive ramifications in a budget cap era."

Horner continued to reveal that he thought Verstappen had the beating of Hamilton: "Had Max made it through Copse, I don't think Hamilton would have seen him again that afternoon as he learned in the previous day’s Sprint Race."

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Hamilton went onto win the race to cut the Dutchman's advantage at the top of the Drivers World Championship standings to eight points.

Both divers will now be preparing for the Hungarian GP on August 1.

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