Tom Brady pokes fun at shirtless NFL Combine pic: ‘My favorite’

It’s Round 1 of the 2021 NFL Draft, and you know what that means: time to post the image of a shirtless Tom Brady at the 2000 NFL Combine.

Posting said pic has become something of a tradition during drafts and combines over the years, not only as a reminder that greatness can come from anywhere but also because it’s pretty fun.

The tradition hasn’t been lost on Brady, either:

Brady’s combine pic may be unimpressive, but here’s the upside: The only reason everyone keeps bringing it up is because of how disparate his NFL career has been, with 14 Pro Bowls, three All-Pro selections, three MVP selections, seven Super Bowl titles and a host of other superlatives that make him the greatest quarterback to have ever played the game.

The shirtless pic of Mac Jones could carry on the tradition of Brady’s shirtless pic, but only time will tell whether he can even begin to approach what Brady has accomplished in the league.

Regardless, in keeping with tradition:

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