Tampa Bay Buccaneers face cruel reality of losing Tom Brady to retirement

Now that the schedule has been released for the 2023 NFL regular season, fans are swarming to get their hands on tickets to avoid missing out on any of the action. Once again the average ticket prices in the NFL have increased, although they’ve dropped drastically for one team in particular.

Ticket prices for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have plummeted in the aftermath of Tom Brady’s retirement, falling 50 per-cent from the figures set last season according to secondary ticket sites.

SeatGeek have reported that the average ticket price in the NFL this season is $331, rising from the $307 average last season. The steep figure is largely impacted by prices to see New England Patriots, Las Vegas Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs, although it’s not as high as the $411 average that upset fans post-pandemic in 2021.

The Buccaneers’ ticket costs used to hover around the NFL average, although prices sky rocketed towards the end of last season as fans gambled on 2022 being Brady’s final run. Those fans were correct as Brady called time back in February, and the Buccaneers have slashed prices now that the greatest ever NFL MVP is no longer a selling point.

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The average price of a Buccaneers ticket is now $179, falling roughly 50 percent from the figure last year in Tampa Bay. They aren’t the only team to feel the squeeze after losing a star quarterback, however.

Aaron Rodgers has departed Lambeau Field for the first time since 2005, and as a result ticket prices to see the Green Bay Packers have dropped by 13 per-cent. The Packers are one of many legacy teams in the NFL, as the franchise continues to be bigger than any select player.

And Brady’s influence has been summed it elsewhere, after it was announced that he’d be in attendance at Gillette Stadium for the opening game of the Patriots’ season. Tickets for the Patriots’ clash against Philadelphia Eagles on September 10 are by far the most expensive available for the entire regular season.

The average price of a ticket to the Patriots’ first home clash is $1,022, an incredible $344 more expensive than the next priciest game between Pittsburgh Steelers and the Raiders. Sure, it’s a game against the Super Bowl runners-up from last season, but Brady’s appearance remains the main attraction.

But it’s the Raiders that continue to be the most expensive seat on average, with six of their home games featuring in the top ten list across the entire NFL for priciest seats. Despite the cost to attend the Raiders, demand remains increasingly high, as Allegiant Stadium continues to cash in.

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