Online "scouts" just found the goofiest metric to grade franchise QBs

Franchise quarterbacks come in all shapes and sizes: Tall, short, fast, slow, bulky, lean, cannon-armed or pinpoint accurate.

They do not come with a thin neck, according to some Reddit scouts.

Feast your eyes on the goofiest chart ever made: A graph from user Adept-Operation-3694 revealing the relationship between neck circumference and career passing yardage.

Can't believe someone took the time and figured this out. Or even thought about it. #NeckGenStats? #NFLDraft2021

This chart raises more questions than it has answers. Who has the time to do this? Are we really calling this NeckGenStats? And how long have neck circumference numbers been so readily available?

Let’s suspend all disbelief here and assume this discovery is some kind of scouting breakthrough. Here’s how the 2021 QB class would stack up vs. the thick-necked all-timers like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Peyton Manning, courtesy of Adept-Operation-3694.

This year's draft class, ranked by neck circumference (thanks to /u/Adept-Operation-3694 on Reddit)

1. Trey Lance
2. Zach Wilson
3. Justin Fields
4. Trevor Lawrence
5. Sam Ehlinger
6. Kyle Trask
7. Mac Jones
8. Kellen Mond
9. Jamie Newman
10. Davis Mills


North Dakota State’s Trey Lance is the big winner here. He’s currently the third-best QB on NFL Media draft expert Daniel Jeremiah’s big board, but maybe he’ll get a boost for such great neck intangibles.

Or — and this is wild but bear with us — maybe he won’t.

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