New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans score: Live updates, game stats, highlights for Sunday’s AFC game

The last time the Titans and Patriots saw each other, the circumstances were wildly different. Malcolm Butler and Dion Lewis still played for the Patriots. Mike Mularkey was thought to have secured his job. A spot in the AFC title game was at stake.

On Sunday, the Patriots and Titans will meet in Nashville for a Week 10 date. It’ll be Butler’s chance to exact some revenge on the coach who shockingly benched him without warning in the Super Bowl. It’ll be Mike Vrabel, who replaced Mularkey after his surprising firing, who gets to coach against his former coach. A playoff spot isn’t on the line, but for both teams, this Week 10 contest is hugely important. The Titans, at 4-4, are chasing the 6-3 Texans in the AFC South. While the 7-2 Patriots’ spot atop the AFC East is secure, they’re still trailing the 8-1 Chiefs for the top seed in the conference. That’s what’s at stake on Sunday afternoon. 

We’ll be bringing you live updates throughout the game. After, this post will turn into a takeaways-style recap. So be sure to check back later after we find out if the Titans can hang with the Patriots or if the Patriots can take care of business a team that should look remarkably familiar to them. In the meantime, enjoy our live blog.

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