Jets’ Le’Veon Bell sees a lot of himself in QB Sam Darnold

Le’Veon Bell will catch passes from a different quarterback for the first time in his NFL career next month as he takes the field for the first time in nearly two years.

But the Jets running back credited Sam Darnold as one of the reasons he decided to make the move to New York in the first place, and Bell has grown even more comfortable with the second-year signal-caller in recent weeks.

“Sam has all the intangibles, he has the mindset,” Bell said, via the team’s official website. “You can see him – he’s a competitor. Every day in practice he literally wants to get better. It’s hard to … it’s hard to describe someone that’s like that because I’m like that.

“A lot of people go to practice and you’re just practicing. They call a play and you run the play. When they call a play for me, I’m trying to work myself and I’m trying to like really get better at it. And I can see that in Sam. When he makes a throw he doesn’t really like, I can see that in his face, ‘I could’ve thrown that better.’ You’ve got to love that about him because he literally wants to be perfect.

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