Is Le’Veon Bell about to cement his legacy as the worst fantasy football pick ever?

If you were a fantasy football owner who took Le’Veon Bell in the first two picks of your draft, or one who traded for the holdout Pittsburgh Steelers running back, then you might be reloading Twitter every five seconds to see if he’ll finally report by 4 p.m. ET.

If the RB decides to stay home and skip getting paid anything for the 2018 season, then his legacy in the fantasy football world is cemented: He will absolutely, without a doubt, be the worst pick in the history of the game.

Think about it: This is a player you took with a top-two pick, and depending when you drafted him, you read the tea leaves and thought he’d report after training camp ended (like he did last year) or that, at worst, he’d miss a couple of to a few weeks before signing so he wouldn’t miss out on a big one-year paycheck, setting up a huge payday as a free agent in 2019.

This was a quote from his agent in mid-July:

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