Hall of Fame Enshrinement: 2022 class takes its spot in Canton

From the innovator of the Lambeau Leap to one of the most beloved head coaches in NFL history, the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2022 took its rightful place in Canton, Ohio, on Saturday.

Eight new members of the Hall of Fame were enshrined to conclude the most esteemed week on the NFL calendar, as fans, media and the greatest of the greats come out to honor the newest class of football’s immortals.

Here are highlights from the class of 2022’s speeches and enshrinements:

  • Tony Boselli
  • Art McNally
  • Richard Seymour
  • Sam Mills
  • LeRoy Butler

Tony Boselli

“There’s nothing more important, there’s nothing more powerful than the support and love of my family, in all its forms throughout my 50 years, is why I’m here today as the first Jacksonville Jaguar to be welcomed as a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It’s a profound honor.”

“Tom (Coughlin), you were a pain to play for at times, though. You were hard, you had high standards, a bunch of silly rules I never agreed with. You were difficult to play for, but you know what, I always respected you. And you made us winners and I’m more grateful for you coach with every passing year.”

“I was born Don Bosco Anthony Boselli Jr. The best part of my name, though, is Junior. To my dad, Tony Boselli Sr., whose great fight with cancer was decided on May 31, 2021, and whose impact on my childhood and career could never be adequately expressed, thank you Dad. Thank you for everything. I’m happier in the comfort of God. I know you’re here, but man, I wish you were here with me. I miss you, I love you and on this, one of the greatest days of my life, I honor your memory and thank you for the greatest gift of all, and that’s family.”

He was always a Hall of Famer in our book.

Now it’s official.#DUUUVAL pic.twitter.com/47s0Wqj9FU

The resume that earned @TonyBoselli a permanent home in Canton. pic.twitter.com/9zKq2LQz4f

Now introducing, the first look at @TonyBoselli's Hall of Fame bronze bust. pic.twitter.com/G5wHeyIRTc

Our first draft pick. Our first Hall of Famer.

Congratulations, @TonyBoselli! pic.twitter.com/G2YEQyvNgY

It's only fitting that the first @Jaguars draft pick in team history is now the first Hall of Famer in team history.

Please join us as we officially welcome @TonyBoselli to Canton as Hall of Famer No. 355! pic.twitter.com/bd6qLbx8ae

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Art McNally

Speech by Shannon O’Hara, Art McNally’s granddaughter:

“On behalf of the McNally family, we are proud to be in Canton representing Art. He is watching back at home with a great anticipation of his enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He wanted to share this: He loved officiating, what it meant to football and his life.”

Speech by Art McNally via video:

“I’ve been very fortunate having a career for many years in football. Consistently, one of the finest staff of officials throughout the country. I know from the dedication, the love of the game, the desire to go out onto the field every weekend to see to it that the game is played according to the rules of the National Football League. I’d also like to say that when they officiate, they officiate for those players on the field and for those respected coaches on the sideline who have tremendous pressure on them. And finally, to the number of people throughout the country, the millions of our fans, whose passion and love of the game has made it so great, I am extremely fortunate to have been in this position. And once again, I’d like to thank the Hall of Fame. This the biggest thing I think for an official. Doing the job, hopefully nobody’s even going to know you’re around, make the calls the proper way the way they should be, with a heavy dose of common sense.”

For the first time, a look at the Hall of Fame bronze bust of Art McNally. pic.twitter.com/3fnTFw05Yz

The resume that has earned Art McNally the honor of being the first official enshrined into the Hall of Fame. pic.twitter.com/qWv7SJOMNQ

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Richard Seymour

“Thank you Pro Football Hall of Fame, I’m honored to be here. I’m overwhelmed today with humility. Not because what this moment says about me, but what this moment says about we and what we can do together. I’m overwhelmed today with gratitude, because I didn’t get here alone. None of us did, none of us could have.”

“Class of 2022, they say you can judge a man by the company he keeps. I couldn’t be among better company than you. It’s a privilege to have my name bound forever with yours in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.”

“We had a young quarterback, but we made it work. Together we were in constant pursuit of that edge. That edge … we called ourselves, ‘The edgers.’ That edge was our culture. You see, we felt a sense of responsibility to each other. A sense of obligation. None of us wanted to be the person to let the team down, to let our brothers down, and that defined us. We never cared who got the accolades as long as we got the ‘W.'”

“And of course, this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for coach [Bill] Belichick. Coach, you’re the best coach in the game. The lessons that I’ve learned from you set me up for success, not just in the game, but in life. Work hard, be meticulous in your preparation, support your teammates, respect your opponents and put the team first. Coach, thank you for everything you’ve taught me.”

The Hall of Fame resume of @BigSey93 includes three Super Bowls and seven Pro Bowls during memorable runs with both @Patriots and @Raiders. pic.twitter.com/CjfezdkQKj

[email protected] & RKK ❤️💙@ProFootballHOF | #ForeverNE pic.twitter.com/1DqVYipR4t

“I grew up a huge Raider fan.”@BigSey93 remembers Al Davis and playing in the Silver and Black in his enshrinement speech.

📺: #PFHOF22 on @nflnetwork pic.twitter.com/kGvUMb1igH

For the first time, a look at the Hall of Fame bronze bust of @BigSey93. pic.twitter.com/h8cfo18CK3

A dominant force.

Congrats to @BigSey93 on his official induction into the @ProFootballHOF pic.twitter.com/01kchCPoV5

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Sam Mills

Speech by Sam Mills’ widow, Melanie Mills:

“You’ve already heard a lot of statistics, but today I want to talk to you about the humanity of one man. On the surface, the Sam Mills story is a story of a man who was told that he wasn’t good enough, good enough to play college football or that he wasn’t big enough to play professional football. And at the age of 27, he wasn’t young enough for the NFL. And yet, here we are today, celebrating him. That’s because Sam worked harder than his peers, he took advantage of every opportunity, he became a legendary athlete.”

“From the Philadelphia Stars to the New Orleans Saints to the Carolina Panthers, if you were working hard at anything, Sam would let you know he appreciated your hard work. You could be a teammate, a coach, a ball boy, a security guard. He would make you feel seen. It’s no wonder that Sam inspired so many people or that the Panthers adopted his motto, ‘Keep Pounding.'”

“He led by example and people followed. He was more than just a great football player, he was a father, a friend, a husband. And a leader who always kept poundin’, no matter what the odds were. So, thank you for this honor, for believing in Sam and for helping to keep his story alive. Keep poundin’ everyone, that’s what Sam would want you to do.”

Sam Mills: Forever in Canton 🙌@Panthers | @Saints

📺: #PFHOF22 Enshrinement on @nflnetwork pic.twitter.com/b2lcCqJwpk

𝙾𝚏𝚏𝚒𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚎𝚗𝚜𝚑𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚎𝚍.#KeepPounding pic.twitter.com/hgauUWV5SY

Family photo pic.twitter.com/ZAhiFvrkCL

🙏 pic.twitter.com/rtUxgepPaA

One of the biggest believers in Sam Mills throughout his career was his coach with @Saints, Jim Mora Sr.

Today, Mora welcomes Mills to the Hall of Fame as his Presenter. pic.twitter.com/aRg0cOyyWW

Chris Berman's intro for Sam Mills 👏

📺: #PFHOF22 Enshrinement – on @NFLNetwork pic.twitter.com/5kJUMB00ss

Please join us as we OFFICIALLY welcome Sam Mills as Hall of Famer No. 359! pic.twitter.com/rCVonnJT69

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LeRoy Butler

“When you play for the Green Bay Packers, a lot of doors open up. When you win a Super Bowl, all doors open up. But when you make the Hall of Fame, football heaven opens up. You wanna know why? Just guess. It’s rare company. There’s only 362 guys in the Hall of Fame and I’m No. 357.”

“I want to thank the fans. Without you, there is no LeRoy Butler. And again, my teammates. You saw Gilbert Brown. My teammates, I love y’all. Where else could you go — the ultimate team sport — that I can have a bad game, every now and then — don’t Google it — and my other 10 teammates carry me. So my teammates, I love you.”

“The voters, thanks you. Sixteen years is a long time, but it’s worth the wait.”

[email protected]'s bust is unveiled for the @ProFootballHOF!#GoPackGo

📺: #PFHOF22 Enshrinement on @nflnetwork pic.twitter.com/WNWGQTtuX7

Lambeau leapin' into [email protected] | @packers

📺: #PFHOF22 Enshrinement on @nflnetwork pic.twitter.com/zcQgA6kDVA

When given the opportunity to select ANYONE to welcome him as a new Hall of Famer, @leap36 chose the love of his life, his wife @gbutler0213. pic.twitter.com/Bk8QjuqBsY

Leaping into the @[email protected] | #GoPackGo pic.twitter.com/r7pbg6qJBo

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