Eagles’ Jason Kelce ahead of Cowboys matchup: I don’t like what that franchise stands for

The Cowboys are coming off what can best be described as a demoralizing home loss to the Titans, and things will only get more difficult when they travel to Philadelphia to face the Eagles on Sunday night.

As it stands, the two teams are going in opposite directions; Dallas is 3-5, just two games clear of the cellar-dwelling Giants, while the Eagles are 4-4 and looking to overtake the decimated-by-injuries Redskins (5-3). There’s also the lingering animosity between the NFC East rivals as most recently elucidated by outspoken Eagles center Jason Kelce.

“There’s certainly a rivalry there, we play them twice a year,” Kelce said of the Cowboys, during a Wednesday appearance on 94.1 WIP Morning Show. “I would say mostly I just don’t think a lot of players, in particular me, just don’t really like the franchise, the organization, what it stands for — what it’s always stood for. This goes back to the lockout when they were getting replacement players, how outspoken the Dallas Cowboys franchise was in ending that.

I’ve just never really appreciated what the organization — and what its fans really stood for. A lot of fair weather people from across the country that just kind of fell in love because they’re winners instead of having any type of emotional connection to the team whatsoever.”

Ah, yes, Kelce isn’t buying the whole “America’s Team!” label from decades ago that was more marketing ploy than national fanaticism for a Cowboys outfit that has won a single playoff game in 20 years. Which segues nicely into former Eagles kicker David Akers, who, during the 2018 NFL Draft in Dallas, took aim at the mediocrity that pervades the Cowboys.

On stage to announce the Eagles’ second-round pick, Akers first took a few moments to rip the Cowboys and their fans, including this gem: “Hey Dallas, the last time you were in a Super Bowl these picks weren’t born!”

Meanwhile, Kelce says he doesn’t hate everything about the Cowboys.

“There’s a ton of players they got that I got a lot of respect for, Sean Lee, Travis Frederick — unfortunately is going through some serious health concerns, but he’s a tremendous player,” he said. “I’ve got some respect for some of their guys, it’s most of the organization that you don’t like.”

With this, David Akers agrees.

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