Dickerson to talk fans’ logo concerns with Rams

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THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. — Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson has offered to be the voice of Los Angeles Rams fans who have been angered about the new team logos that were released earlier this week.

Dickerson, who currently holds the title of Rams vice president of business development, considers himself among the people who are unhappy with the new look.

On Wednesday, Dickerson said on Twitter that he would speak with the Rams about fans’ concerns.

“@RamsNFL fans, I reviewed your comments regarding new logos and share in your disappointment,” Dickerson tweeted. “I’ll be speaking with the Rams on our behalf. Please like if you prefer the logo on the left and retweet to vote for the logo on the right (Rams booster club). – The Rambassador.”

Dickerson’s post includes two alternate logos created by fans and shared across social media.

Last Monday, the Rams revealed the first of a two-part rebranding effort as they prepare for the 2020 season inside their new home at SoFi Stadium. The Rams unveiled updated team colors and logos, while new uniforms are expected to roll out later this spring.

The Rams have moved on from the navy blue, light gold and white color scheme that they adopted in 2000 in St. Louis. Their new colors are similar to their throwback royal blue and gold, but with a brighter twist. The Rams are calling their new hues, “Rams Royal” and “Sol.”

Before the reveal, Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff acknowledged that for some fans, the new look would require an adjustment period.

“I’m sure it will be a surprise, it will be change,” Demoff said. “But lots of things are and I think it’s a change that our fans will come to know and love over time.”

During a virtual telethon the Rams hosted Tuesday on a local television station to raise funds for coronavirus relief, Demoff said that if more than $2 million was raised he would read the top 10 mean tweets he received about the new logos. The telethon raised more than $2,045,000, according to the Rams.

Rams fans also have created an online petition to change the new logo. More than 6,200 signatures have been collected.

This is not the first time Dickerson, a star player for the L.A. Rams in the 1980s, has voiced his displeasure in regard to matters within the organization.

In 2016, during the Rams’ homecoming season in Los Angeles, Dickerson voiced criticism across several media outlets, including ESPN, about coach Jeff Fisher as the team stumbled to a 4-9 record.

Fisher, whose job already was in question, was fired with three games remaining. The Rams finished the season 4-12.

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