Daniel Jones career turnovers: Giants QB’s fumbles, interceptions keep adding up in 2021

From “Danny Dimes” to “Danny Drops.”

The Daniel Jones Experience has been quite the ride since he’s entered the league in 2019. After all, any time you share a bit of history with Ryan Leaf, that makes for some fun water cooler talk.

While the Duke product has shown flashes of high-ceiling ability, he’s also done a lot to make fans and analysts question whether or not he can be a bona fide franchise passer in Year 3. While there are red flags about his pocket presence and awareness, the most foreboding is Jones’ ability to throwing the ball extremely well — to defensive players.

There have been no shortage of good reasons for Jones’ overall discomfort as passer; He’s had a porous offensive line, he’s had a questionable supporting cast and the coaching situation around him hasn’t been the most inspiring. Through all that, though, Jones has turned the ball over well over once per game on average. That’s a big yikes.

The good news for Giants fans: He hasn’t thrown an interception yet in 2021. The bad news: The Giants have played only one game.

Here’s what you need to know about Jones’ turnover issues:

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Daniel Jones career turnovers

Through 28 career games (27 starts), Jones has 40 turnovers: 22 interceptions and another 18 fumbles lost. Jones has fumbled the ball 30 times alone in his career, with 12 of them recovered by the Giants.

While no two turnovers are created equal, a fair amount of them have been total back-breakers for Big Blue. Jones’ latest and lamest cough up came in the Giants’ Week 1 matchup vs. Broncos, earning its place in the (hilarious) pantheon of Jones head-scratchers.

Interestingly enough, Jones had some turnover issues in college, too: In 35 games as a Blue Devils passer, Jones had 29 interceptions, which isn’t the best mark, nor is it a good indicator of success for college passers making the transition to the pros.

As far as the “Why” Daniel Jones throws so many picks: There’s no one answer for it. It’s really a combination of inexperience, poor reads, bad luck and just some weird, weird, knucklehead-type plays.

Here’s a convenient video which neatly ties up all of Jones’ picks:

How many interceptions does Daniel Jones have?

The third-year starter has 22 interceptions in 28 career games. The Giants have a 3-12 record in games when he throws a pick.

The following players have snagged interceptions from the arm of Jones:

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