Damar Hamlin shuts down ridiculous 'clone' conspiracy theories

Damar Hamlin shuts down ridiculous ‘clone’ conspiracy theories by posting a photo of himself in front of his Buffalo mural after social media users wildly doubted he actually attended the Bills’ playoff defeat to the Bengals

  • The Bills safety, 24, waved at cameras from a private box during Sunday’s game
  • Skeptics on social media are suspicious of Hamlin’s masked appearance 
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Damar Hamlin has addressed conspiracy theories related to the cardiac arrest that he suffered shortly after the New Year, following his first public appearance during the Buffalo Bills’ defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL Division Round matchup. 

The 24-year-old safety gestured a shape of a heart with his fingertips – his signature hand signal – on Sunday, as he was shown on the scoreboard in Orchard Park from a luxury suite atop Highmark Stadium. 

He was also recorded greeting Bills teammates earlier in the locker room before the 27-10 home loss, which ended Buffalo’s hopes of a Super Bowl appearance. 

Damar Hamlin tweeted a picture of himself in front of a mural in Buffalo with caption: ‘Clone’ 

Conspiracy theorists think a ‘body double’ showed up to the Bills-Bengals game on Sunday, instead of Hamlin himself, who made a shape of a heart with his hands at Highmark Stadium

However, conspiracy theorists on Twitter simply didn’t believe that the ex-Pittsburgh football player was there. Therefore, Hamlin responded with a cryptic message on Twitter, poking fun at his doubters, who many tweeted that the NFL had hired a ‘body double’ to pretend to be Hamlin on Sunday. 

‘Clone,’ Hamlin tweeted along with a picture of himself standing next to a mural in the Larkinville neighborhood of Buffalo – another term that skeptics used to describe the safety who wore an all-red outfit and a red, white and blue puffer jacket in the glimpses caught of him on TV cameras on Sunday.

Conspiracy theorists have ridiculously used Hamlin’s reluctance to grant any media outlets an interview since being released from hospital earlier this month as their main reasoning behind their beliefs.

They also claimed that the 24-year-old appearing masked up and wearing alien frame sunglasses to Sunday’s game was suspicious, despite the 30-degree, snowy weather. 

A source told TMZ that the allegations were false. Bills center Mitch Morse was also quick to shut down those fabrications, nonetheless, as he explained that Hamlin is a naturally reserved person. 

‘Just his presence I think speaks volumes,’ Morse told ESPN. ‘[…] He’s not a big rah-rah guy and I’m sure that at some point he’s a little bit exhausted of people asking how he’s doing or put in a position that he didn’t ask to be put in. His presence alone, his smile, his positive energy, which he’s always had, always interjects energy and good vibes with the group.’ 

Hamlin has not yet publicly spoken since his collapse at Paycor Stadium in Ohio on January 2

Hamlin – a sixth round pick from the 2021 NFL draft is still recovering from the horrifying collapse against the Bengals on ‘Monday Night Football’ in Week 17, in which he needed to be resuscitated twice after nearly dying on the field of Paycor Stadium – Cincy’s football arena. 

Jordan Rooney – Hamlin’s marketing representative – disclosed that the Bills player ‘still requires oxygen and is having his heart monitored regularly to ensure there are no setbacks or after affects.’

‘Though he is able to visit the team’s facility, Damar is not in position to travel often, and requires additional rest to help his body heal,’ he added. 

It’s unsure whether the football safety will ever return to NFL action. 

It’s unclear if Hamlin will ever play in the NFL again. Seen, far right, vs the Bears in August 2021

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