Broncos Roundtable: How many wins are left on Denver’s schedule?

Parker Gabriel, Post Broncos reporter

All right, gents, Denver got to 3-5 going into its bye week with the win in London and the general thought was that a little run could maybe, just maybe, get them into wild card contention. Instead: 10 points in a loss at Tennessee, 16 in a home loss to Las Vegas and 10 in a road loss to Carolina. The Broncos are now 3-8 and face Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes the next two weeks. So, how many wins are left on the schedule? One? Zero? More? Will Denver go o-fer in the AFC West? It’s not exactly splitting the atom to say a home game against Arizona looks like a decent change — but there are 120 minutes of major underdog football between now and then and also the fact that Denver’s scored four touchdowns in five home games so far. I’ll say the Broncos get two — against the Cardinals and the free-falling Rams — to finish 5-12 and 0-6 in the division.

Kyle Newman, Post Broncos reporter

It was clear by the end of October this team is not equipped for a playoff run. And what’s become clear in the month since Denver’s last win over the Jaguars in London is that this isn’t just not a playoff team. The Broncos are legitimately one of the NFL’s worst teams — and have the league’s most inept offense at 14.3 points per game. Plus, Denver is now possibly handicapped for the foreseeable future with a massively underperforming QB on a mega-contract. So my long-winded answer: Zero. That’s how many more games the Broncos will win in 2022. Even the Cardinals and Rams will find ways to beat Denver. And then, at 3-14, the Broncos will have one of the top picks in the 2023 draft — which belongs to Seattle.

Sean Keeler, Post sports columnist

Moral victories? Dozens. Dozens!  Real wins? Two. Tops. In a universe with so few certainties, 2022 has given us three: Death, taxes, and the Broncos finding epic and creative ways to fall short of hitting 17 points in a game. Road games? Fuhgetaboutit. The Chiefs? Ha! Schematics and altitude should be enough to get the Orange & Blue past mercurial Arizona (4-8) at Mile High on Dec. 18 in a game that will be attended by hundreds. Pride might be enough for a home win over the Chargers (6-5) in the regular-season finale. But even that feels like a stretch. Seahawks fans are going to be more invested in the final four games of this dumpster fire than Broncos Country will. Merry Christmas, Pete Caroll! George Paton just gifted you a top-5 pick.

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