Alex Smith’s post-surgery leg brace has been shaped into a Lombardi Trophy

Mr. Smith went to Washington — and got himself a trophy of sorts.

Washington quarterback Alex Smith made a miraculous return to the field after a devastating leg injury that almost cost him his leg and life in 2018. Smith endured 17 surgeries, a near-fatal infection in the injured leg and hundreds of hours of rehab and physical therapy to get back on the field, which was never a certainty.

That alone is a success, and his triumphant return to the field is symbolized by Smith’s external fixator brace — used to keep his leg stable after surgery — which was shaped into the silhouette of a Lombardi Trophy.

Smith’s wife, Liz, shared an image of the brace on Sunday.

A post shared by Elizabeth Smith (@lizbsmith11)

Smith’s caption reads:

Waiting for this game and I’m a nervous wreck. I look up at our bookshelves as a reminder of where we have been and the hard work to get to this moment. No matter the outcome, Alex has already won. He has beat the largest challenge life has thrown our way. I am incredibly proud and will be cheering loud. Let’s go Washington!

Smith is 4-1 this season as the starter for Washington, which turned its season around and won the NFC East with a 7-9 record. Smith led the Football Team to a win over the Eagles on “Sunday Night Football,” the final game of the regular season, securing the division crown and a playoff spot.

So, maybe a Lombardi Trophy isn’t entirely out of the question for Smith and Washington; the road to Tampa and a championship starts in … Tampa on Saturday night.

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