Aaron Rodgers on if he'll return to Packers: 'We'll see'

Just when or if Aaron Rodgers returns to leading and throwing for the Green Bay Packers remains the NFL offseason’s burning question, but his ability to sidestep is still in prime form.

During live coverage of Tuesday’s The Match 4 in Montana, TNT’s Brian Anderson, following a live shot of a bear near the golf course, asked Rodgers if he would be back quarterbacking the Packers against the Chicago Bears and then again if he’d be back for the team’s season opener against the New Orleans Saints.

Rodgers’ response was simple, hardly informative and the same for both questions.

“I don’t know B.A., we’ll see,” Rodgers said when asked about the Bears game. “We’ll see, won’t we.”

When asked about Sept. 12, which is Week 1, Rodgers replied, “What’s that one?”

When Anderson clarified it was the season opener, Rodgers once again said, “I don’t know B.A., we’ll see.”

“We’ll see, won’t we?” https://t.co/wJYvJLneq5

Rodgers has been missing in action from the Packers throughout the offseason, his dismay with the only team he’s played for in the NFL obvious, but the particular details unknown.

The reigning AP NFL Most Valuable Player did not attend mandatory minicamp and in just one instance has spoken publicly about his disharmony with the team.

Multiple reports since the opening day of the 2021 NFL Draft have centered around Rodgers being miffed regarding a possible contract extension.

During a Monday news conference ahead of The Match 4, Rodgers spoke about using the offseason to “work on my mental health,” but offered no updates on his situation with the Packers.

He didn’t really offer any updates on Tuesday, either. So from Montana, Rodgers once again let the NFL world that “we’ll see” how it all plays out in Wisconsin.

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