2018 College Football Hot Seat Rankings: Bobby Petrino and Larry Fedora are under fire

Three (firings) down, how many more to go? The silly season of coaching changes is upon us in early November. Get used to it. The early signing period (Dec. 19 this year) has put pressures on athletic directors to make moves earlier than preferred.

Kansas AD Jeff Long spoke about it Sunday when announcing the departure of David Beaty.  “With that signing day looming, I felt that was the time to let our fans know, let our recruits know we’re headed in a different direction,” Long said. Beaty at least knows his fate. He will finish the season with the Jayhawks still chasing bowl eligibility.

The shifting temperatures of the Hot Seat Rankings have yet to fully kick in for others. This month figures to, well, heat up.

It’s a rough business. USC’s Clay Helton may not last the month, or he could go to the Rose Bowl. The end of the Bill Snyder era seems to be coming to a close — if the powerful Kansas State matriarch allows it. Willie Taggart probably will survive a monumentally disappointing first season at Florida State. But will he make it through the second?

These are the names to watch going forward.

Before we get to who is up and who is down, a quick reminder about our ratings key and what the numbers next to each coach’s name represent in the grand scheme of things.

  • 5: Win or be fired
  • 4: Start improving now
  • 3: Pressure is mounting
  • 2: All good … for now
  • 1: Safe and secure
  • 0: Untouchable

Seats heating up

Other coaches feeling the heat: Willie Taggart (Florida State), Phillip Montgomery (Tulsa), Everett Withers (Texas State), Randy Edsall (UConn), Bob Davie (New Mexico) 

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