World’s Scariest Man suffers backlash after forcing gym goer to move in workout

When a 320 lbs, 6ft 8ins beast bumps into you while he's shifting weights, it's not a bad idea to get out his way.

But Martyn Ford, dubbed the World's Scariest Man, has faced a backlash from fans after shifting a fellow gym goer to one side. That's despite the former film star actually appearing to be joking.

Last year, the star missed out on a seven-figure fee when he was forced to scrap his proposed boxing bout with the Iranian Hulk, claiming his rival had been misrepresented by management. He later labelled Sajad Gharibi 'delusional', and said his rival should never have even been permitted to fight after breaking down in tears in one of their press conferences.

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Ford has continued to train hard since though, and regularly uploads impressive videos to his social media. But his latest clip, where he bumps someone to the side as he performs lateral pull downs, has prompted a mixed reaction.

"ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE I’m the friendliest man in the world, but when I’m in the zone … ITS MY GYM ….." he wrote, before clarifying his words. "(OBVIOUSLY @ecomcoachjames is a friend, and this is a joke ) but the message in life is a true one …. You have to be ready to fight for your place, don’t just let people push you around, stand up for yourself and be counted, be confident, and be relevant !!

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"In a sugar coated world of nonsense, the truth is only the strong (mentally and physically) grow and survive. GET TO WORK, both physically and mentally, be the best VERSION OF YOU that you can be."

But the attempt to inspire his 4.2 million followers backfired, with many opting to fire back with criticism.

"I admire you a lot but you must respect those who pay the monthly bill no matter how famous you are but remember that respect is earned," wrote one fan. Another said: "Dude pushed old mate out mid set, doesn’t matter who you are that’s not cool."

The cynical comments continued, with Ford told: "Please don’t tell me that’s how you behave!!! Please tell me you were joking." And despite his massive frame, he was accused of weakness with: "Strong people shouldn’t go around pushing people and 'taking their place' that only shows that they’re not really strong, but really weak."

The post did also rack up more than 43,000 likes, but the negative reaction overwhelmingly outweighed the positive. The tattooed giant himself is yet to respond to the criticism.


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