Shameless Joel Embiid Flop Gets Andre Drummond Tossed From One-Possession Game

This moment didn’t wind up deciding Tuesday night’s excellent Sixers-Pistons game, but certainly removing his counterpart from the game made it a worthwhile ploy for Joel Embiid. With the score tied in the final minute of regulation, Embiid beat Andre Drummond to the cup for a tough bucket; as the ball fell through the hoop, Embiid’s face was brushed by Drummond’s left hand, and Embiid seized the moment:

Have a look at it from an even more damning angle:

The refs hit Drummond with his second technical foul on the play, and he was automatically ejected. But J.J. Redick bricked the technical free-throw—ball don’t lie!—and the game eventually made its way to overtime. The NBA has had an anti-flopping rule since 2012, which allows for players to be punished for “exaggerated falls to the floor.” The flop got Drummond bounced, but it failed to produce a win. What it should produce is a nice fat fine for Embiid.

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